Your Google Profile is Your Social Hub


Everyone Googles their own name, right?

That’s great that you’re doing this. You’re taking the first step of monitoring your Online Reputation. Before a company decides to do business with you or even to just reach out to you and say hello, they are Googling your name and your company name to see what they find.

Here’s a HOT tip that will help you and your Online Reputation: Be sure to go to: and create your FREE Google Profile.

Create a great first impression when people Google your name by creating  your Google profile. It’s your social hub.

Benefits of a Google Profile:

  • If you have a common name, no one will ever be confused again because your photo and Google profile link show up as a search result.
  • Use it as your “Social Network” headquarters: list all links to your Social Network profiles; your blog; your website; your products you sell, such as ecourses.
  • Write an entertaining and informative biography in the “About” section so that you create a great first impression when people Google your name and visit your profile.

Side note: something kind of fun to do is to type “me” into Google’s search box after you’ve launched your Google profile. You’ll see your profile at the top of the page.

Part of your ongoing Online Reputation management is to simply keep creating positive links back to you. Then, IF anything negative should ever come up in the future, people can clearly see it’s an exception rather than the norm.

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  1. Lori,

    As always you right on time with well written and helpful articles. Thanks!

    Warm regards,


      • lorigama
      • February 28, 2010

      Johnny, thank you for your kind words. I would like to make it a priority to write more blog posts, at least once per week.

  2. Well done. Thanks for the emphasis. We tend to focus on the Big Three (imho) LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter and forget that the #1 search engine (Google) has a wonderful service that can be used to one’s benefit. Muchas gracias.

      • lorigama
      • February 1, 2010

      Eduardo, thanks for taking the time to read and thanks for your thoughtful comment. We DO tend to focus on the “Big Three” social networks and forget about how else people can find us and connect with us. Google is trying to become THE biggest social network and some might say it already is.

  3. Just letting you know that someone followed your Facebook link. 🙂

  4. Thanks for all the good tips, Lori!

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