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Pin Your Interests On Pinterest

There’s a new kid on the block and she’s giving Google a run for its money: Pinterest.com (pin-te-rest) is a virtual bulletin board. You probably…
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How to Get Found by Your Local Customers

There’s a tool that exists that’s an absolutely HUGE opportunity for you to get found by your local customers and you probably already own this…
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Social Media Has Become the Air We Breathe

Unless you’ve been living off the grid, in the woods, under a rock, you know that social media has become part of our…
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Customize Your Twitter Background

Did you know you can control the background image in your Twitter profile? Be sure you take advantage of this because you can…
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Facebook’s Timeline is a Total Game Changer

Facebook introduces “Timeline” –  Facebook’s new look and concept – on October 1, 2011. Timeline is bound to revolutionize the way we use…
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Google+ Emerges As Third Largest Social Network Site

In a day after it went public, Google+, Google’s Social Network, emerged as the world’s third largest Social Networking site, according to Hitwise.…
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Get Started In Google Plus

Google+ is an evolution of some of the best features and qualities of the most popular and useful social networks to-date. For instance,…
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Top 3 Reasons to Spend More Time In Google Instead of Facebook

In the race to win our hearts and minds and pocketbooks, Facebook is a social network trying to be all things to all…
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Google+ For Beginners: Fill Out Your About Section Now

Heard a lot about Google+ yet in your part of the universe? In its first two weeks and in a BETA-only state of…
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Checklist: Improve Your Blogging With These Simple Tips

Here's a checklist of simple tips to improve your blogging so that your readers crave what you write. Remember: your readers read your…
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