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Why You Need a Mobile Website

By now, you’ve probably heard that you need a mobile website but you might not know WHY you need one. If the reasons…
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How to Add Your Picture in Google’s Search Results

Have you been searching in Google and come across search results that have pictures of faces in them? Like this (search phrase: Does…
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Does Social Media Marketing Grow Business?

Eighty percent of social media users prefer to connect with brands through Facebook yet even with other mind-blowing statistics like this and all…
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I Didn’t Expect to Have an Epiphany

I got to speak to a group of 55 women entrepreneurs and business executives the other day about how to stop wasting time…
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Social Media Detox Diet

If you’re overwhelmed and even a bit sick of Social Media then you need my Social Media Detox Diet to help you detoxify…
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Online Visibility Tips

Online Visibility Marketing can feel overwhelming with so many possible opportunities. But what ONE thing can you do today to move your life…
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Interactive Map Shows Who’s Reading What and Where

Data flows around us like an invisible ocean, thanks to conversations in the Twitterverse and Facebook and other social networks. There’s so much…
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Understanding Social Search – It’s about “people and relationships”

“We’re transforming Google into a search engine that understands not only content, but also people and relationships.”  – The Official Google Blog. What…
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Goodbye Facebook Fan Page: Hello Branded Timeline

Facebook’s new pages for businesses, brands and organizations will hit your computer and mobile screens March 30th. Get ready now. Think about your…
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Top 10 Online Visibility Tips

    If you’re frustrated because you’ve invested a good chunk of money into your website but your brand is invisible online and your customers…
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