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A Daily Routine for Doing Your Own Social Media

A Daily Routine for Doing Your Own Social Media Here is a sample routine you can try out or customize to fit your…
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Social Media Detox Diet

If you’re overwhelmed and even a bit sick of Social Media then you need my Social Media Detox Diet to help you detoxify…
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Facebook Cover Image Tips: A Picture is Worth a Thousand Comments

By now you’ve probably heard from someone (a Facebook friend, most likely) that Facebook is going to change over our fan pages into…
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Top 10 Online Visibility Tips

    If you’re frustrated because you’ve invested a good chunk of money into your website but your brand is invisible online and your customers…
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An Infographic About Pinterest

What’s so hot about Pinterest? Lots of things. Its innovative design (though DaGama Web Studio created a somewhat similar style way back in…
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Social Media Has Become the Air We Breathe

Unless you’ve been living off the grid, in the woods, under a rock, you know that social media has become part of our…
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Study Finds 98 Per Cent of Young Americans Use Social Media Monthly

A study done recently by Experian/Simmons found that 98 per cent of people aged 18-24 years old use social media on a monthly…
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Facebook’s Timeline is a Total Game Changer

Facebook introduces “Timeline” –  Facebook’s new look and concept – on October 1, 2011. Timeline is bound to revolutionize the way we use…
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Did You Know You’re Naked? Your Online Reputation is Showing

Did you know you’re naked? People can check out your Online Reputation (your O.R.) by reviewing your Social Media profiles in Twitter, LinkedIn,…
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Social Media Was Meant For Times Like These

Right now, it is 45 minutes before a Tsunami wave is set to hit the Hawaiian Islands. It’s been several hours since the…
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