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A Daily Routine for Doing Your Own Social Media

A Daily Routine for Doing Your Own Social Media Here is a sample routine you can try out or customize to fit your…
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17 Things to Tweet About

These ideas will help you think of things to Tweet about and also help you figure out exactly: what IS Tweetable? You’d be…
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My Favorite Tweep of the Week – Denisse Icaza

Lori’s Favorite Tweep of the Week @DenisseIcaza   Denisse Icaza is a Latina blogger and entrepreneur who founded Ahoras para Mamá (Translation: Savings for Mama): a website that…
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Mind-Map Your Way to Your Ideal Client

“Everyone is my client!” Have you ever said that? Do YOU believe that “everyone” is your client? After 18 years of running my…
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How Many Twitter Lists Am I On?

I was a BETA tester of Twitter Lists, back in the day, before Twitter officially rolled out the list feature. We were nicely…
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Social Media Has Become the Air We Breathe

Unless you’ve been living off the grid, in the woods, under a rock, you know that social media has become part of our…
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Get Started In Google Plus

Google+ is an evolution of some of the best features and qualities of the most popular and useful social networks to-date. For instance,…
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Tweet the Trivial Things

Those observations of the simple moments in life should probably be shared with your Twitter followers because it's the "trivial" stuff that bonds…
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Measure Your Sentiment with PeopleBrowsr Analytics

Measuring your "sentiment" with your Twitter friends is an interesting undertaking. Why would you want to measure such a thing? With a tracking…
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Social Revolución: Hispanic-fluentials

I match all the characteristics and habits of a Hispanic-fluential because I'm online more than my any of my peers; I talk about…
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