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Online Marketing Services: Web Design, SEO, Social Media & E-mail Marketing

Serving Greeley, Fort Collins, Loveland, Denver, northern Colorado

You're probably frustrated with your website and tired of being invisible in Google. You just want to GROW YOUR BUSINESS but need help with utilizing Online Marketing.

You've probably been searching for a while for a Web Design and Online Marketing Agency in your local area that has a proven track record of getting its clients found with top search results in Google.

You also know that you need to get a plan in place or your staff trained in building communities of fans and future customers with Social Media Marketing.

And, of course, you need the type of Website that can easily be viewed on a smartphone, iPad or other Tablets because you've heard that almost 70% of Internet searches are now being done on mobile devices. Web Design that's Responsive to any device is imperative to have if you want to GROW BUSINESS.

Good news, dear business owner: you've found a Web Design and Online Marketing Agency that has a unique set of skills and 19 years of experience getting REMARKABLE RESULTS for its clients.

I'm Lori Gama, CEO and founder of The Web Design Studio & Online Marketing Agency called DaGama Web Studio and we're based in Greeley, Colorado. I've been producing websites since 1995. I manage my Colorado-based team of Web Designers and Developers to produce Responsive websites that display perfectly on any device (iPad; smartphone; laptop; desktop).

I'm a Colorado SEO Expert, too.

Lori Gama is an SEO Expert in Greeley, Fort Collins, Loveland, Denver, Colorado

Would You Like the TOP 3 City Search Results in Google for YOUR Business?

Getting found locally in a specific city helps to enhance your reputation and to grow your business.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization); Google Adword Campaigns and Social Media Marketing set-up and training are personally done by me and I only take on a small number of clients in Greeley, Fort Collins, Loveland and Denver, Colorado, so I can give my full attention and 19 years of online marketing experience to my clients' projects.

(See a large screenshot image of my own search results in Google. I am currently holding the top three positions in the search results for "Greeley SEO Expert".)

Deciding which Web Design Agency, Social Media Marketing Agency, SEO Company to work with can be a challenge. Let me make that process a little easier for you...

We've got everything you need to grow your business with Online Marketing and Web Design.
Ways we can work together:

  • Web Design and development with WordPress. Responsive, custom designed websites that convert website visitors into customers. We train you to update your own website. Ecommerce is one of our specialties - call me before you make key decisions.

  • SEO: Search Engine Optimization since 1999. SEO in Colorado or wherever you do business. I work with a small number of clients to get top results. Currently accepting work for one attorney, plastic surgeon, medical, dental, and health & wellness clinic per city in Colorado. If you're an expert in your industry but lack the SEO and online reputation: Book me now. Call me for references.

  • Social Media Marketing Manager: establishing objectives; strategy; plan; implementation of systems and policies; creating and managing content; growing engagement; and measuring ROI. Call me for references.

  • Social Media Training: I'll train your team to properly and lovingly grow communities in Twitter; LinkedInGooglePlus; Facebook; Pinterest; YouTube and with your blog. Let's book a half-day or full-day workshop so your company gets proper social media training. Connect with me on LinkedIn to see thousands of endorsements and recommendations; see some of my testimonials here. Call me for references.

  • Influential: my Klout score is in the upper 60's: currently: 67. Speakers, Authors and anyone in need of raising their Klout score so they get hired to speak or published should hire me to consult with you.

  • E-mail Marketing Strategy and Set-up to grow your list, stay in touch with top fans and increase revenue.

  • Google Analytics Advisor. Knowing what data to examine and how to interpret it can be the difference between making your profit goals or not. I take the guesswork out of the equation.

  • Be sure to read my testimonials from our happy clients around the U.S.

If your local customers are not finding you in Google when they type YOUR services (the keywords that describe your services), plus the city you're based in: for example: "Fort Collins Web Design" or "Greeley Web Design" give me a call because I am confident I can help you get better results than you're getting now. I've been doing Internet Marketing since 1995 and SEO since Google was born in 1999 and have helped hundreds of clients get thousands of top search results the right way.

By the way, don't let the technology and social media marketing intimidate you: it's my job to make that part easier for you to understand, so you can work on your business by building relationships with your ideal clients in the Fort Collins, Loveland, Denver and Greeley, Colorado area and beyond, if they're national or globally-based, too. My team and I can be your outsourced agency, taking care of all of your Internet Marketing services.

Contact me so we can schedule your project.

I'd love to help you BE THE BRAND THAT'S FOUND!


When you're ready to start getting results so you can increase your profit, please call me to schedule your appointment: (970) 378-7822 or (970) 302-6994 or fill out our contact form now. I am excited to help you succeed!