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Did you know you can control the background image in your Twitter profile? Be sure you take advantage of this because you can use that area to add more information about yourself, such as your logo; your social network icons; your phone number and website address or use it like I did recently: I added some hot tips for brand new beginners.

Be sure to use a custom Twitter background on your profile - use strategy in the design

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Here’s how you change it: first, have a professional graphic artist design your background and be sure they use this psd file created by because your background has to be a certain size. (Click on the link above to go there and click on the red DOWNLOAD button at the end of their post or contact me and I’ll email you the PSD or we can design and program it for you for under $197). Next:upload the new background image by clicking on “settings” in the drop-down menu under your name in the upper right corner of your profile. Then choose “Design” from the horizontal menu; scroll down and click “Change Background Image”.

Then simply choose the image from your computer (you should have it downloaded there after you received it from your graphic artist) and click “Save Changes”.  A Twitter background is a great way to create a fabulous first impression. Bling it up!


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