A Daily Routine for Doing Your Own Social Media

Lori Gama

A Daily Routine for Doing Your Own Social Media

Here is a sample routine you can try out or customize to fit your schedule so you can create a daily routine for doing your own social media.  I included a time-frame so you know how long each task should take you. If you add it up, it’s around 30 minutes. I recommend you  space out these things throughout the day if your schedule is flexible enough. If not, you can partially automate some of these tasks. Caution: don’t automate all of it. After all, this IS social networking and live engagement can be thrilling and lucrative.

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Set your intention before you set out on your daily routine by remembering why you do what you do. An intention could be that you’d like your community to think of your company as being “X, Y, Z” (fast, friendly service, for example).

5 – 10 minutes: Review your Feedly.com for interesting and relevant content to share. Feedly keeps your favorite blogs and other content resources all in one place, making it extremely convenient to read and share. Don’t share content you haven’t vetted or you might end up sharing a spammy link or one with malware in it. I do read my shared content before I share it. I read fast. I recommend you teach yourself to read fast, too.

30 -60 seconds: Tweet a helpful tip to your followers in Twitter or spark a conversation with someone you’d love to have as a friend or client. If you’re still not comfortable with Twitter, think of it as a social event you’d attend face-to-face and remember your manners.  I’ve got a handy-dandy Twitter Etiquette Checklist for you here.

5-10 minutes: Share a status update in LinkedIn and contribute to one of your group discussions.

5 – 10 minutes: Post your latest blog post to your Google+ followers; contribute to a community you belong to; and plus-one a few interesting posts.

30 seconds: Pin an image in Pinterest that will make your fellow pinners go “ahhh!” Remember to pin your own blog posts once a week to your blog board. If you don’t understand why people, especially women, love Pinterest, I have my own theory here.

5-15 minutes: Nurture your Facebook community. If you already love your Facebook community, then this will be easy to do. If you’re not feelin’ the love, ask yourself why. Get to the root of that problem and fix it. Maybe it’s because the strategy is all wrong and no one is interacting with you. Depending on what your community of fans wants, you could end up spending a lot of time here but that’s okay if your data (Facebook Insights) is showing you an increase in Post Reach, Engagement and Likes, week after week.

1 -2 minutes: Instagram a moment of your life and include yourself in the picture to make it more interesting to followers. Selfies get more engagement. And the more creative you are, the higher your engagement will be. Sometimes just a simple smile will do. There are filters in Instagram to make your photo look really cool.

1 – 2 minutes: Stop in at your local coffee shop and do a “Check-in” on FourSquare or Facebook and add a picture with your check-in post, too. This shows your support for local business (especially if you include a link to their social profile) and also adds a behind-the-scenes glimpse of your personal life. Pictures are always appreciated by your followers. Most people are voyeuristic and enjoy glimpses of your personal life. Many follow you solely for this reason alone.

The Internet has become like the Vegas strip: so many flashing, colored lights and shiny, tall buildings that you want to stop and explore. But you can’t, dear business owner, because you’ve got a business to run and a BHAG to accomplish. You have loved ones depending upon you. So, use my tips above, even if you only implement one of them. Baby steps still move you forward.

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