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29 years ago, Lori Gama enrolled in a HTML class and graphic arts class taught at her local community college and had an epiphany: she decided to start a company that would design and develop websites for businesses to advertise on the Internet. Sounds corny, right? But in 1993, that was a unique concept. DaGama Web Studio was one of the first female-owned online marketing companies in Colorado. Business grew so much Lori decided to hire local web designers who were studying web design in the early 2000’s at the University of Northern Colorado.
The team was then able to help many more business owners grow business with SEO, website development and eventually, around 2010: social media marketing.

Fast forward to 2023: we have kept up our knowledge of SEO, website development, reputation management, social media marketing and kept innovating with other new digital marketing strategies. We have a proven system that grows our clients’ gross revenues by 50% or more by getting them found in the top search rankings in Google. Check out this interview Lori did recently.

Lori Gama

Our Creative Team

Dagama Digital Marketing Team member Betzy
Betzy: Social Media Manager & SEO Assistant
Nina: Social Media Manager Dagama Digital Marketing
Nina: Social Media Manager & SEO Assistant
Debbie: Web Designer & Developer Dagama Digital Marketing
Debbie: Web Designer & Developer
Dapo: Website Developer
Dapo: Website Developer
Ronna : Content Coordinator & SEO Assistant Dagama Digital Marketing
Ronna : Content Coordinator & SEO Assistant
Erika Writer & Social Media Manager DaGama Digital Marketing
Erika: Writer
Maggie: Writer Dagama Digital Marketing
Maggie: Writer
Sarah: Writer Dagama Web Studio
Sarah: Writer
Kirby: Social Media Manager & SEO Assistant Dagama Digital Marketing
Kirby: Social Media Manager & SEO Assistant
Brodie: Social Media Manager
Brodie: Social Media Manager
Carmen: Graphic Designer
Imer: Web Designer
Michael: Certified Drone Pilot
Michael: Certified Drone Pilot
Lori Gama
Lori: CEO/Founder

The Story Behind the Name of the Company

Lori Gama named the business after her ancestor, Vasco Da Gama, the 14th century navigator who discovered a trade route from Europe to India, going around the Cape of Good Hope. He brought back lots of new products to Europeans, like pepper. But what he really did was that he gave Europeans an entirely new concept of the world in which they lived.

That’s what we aspire to do with our clients: give them an entirely new way of getting MORE business by establishing virtual “trade routes” with unique Websites; Social Media Management; Search Engine Optimization; Video Production; Drone Services/Aerial Photography and more–while having fun doing it!

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