Are You Tickling Your Peeps With Your T.O.E.s?

Yes, that’s right: with your T.O.E.s: Tools Of Engagement.

Don’t let the Tools Of Technology intimidate,  overwhelm you or stop you from engaging with your peeps – your people, your tribe, your community, your FFF’s (Fans, Friends, Followers).

Tools Of Engagement: TOES - Lori GamaWhen you know how to wield the Tools Of Technology (TOEs) then you have empowered yourself to build the life you envision.

TOEs give you the power to change things in your business and in your life. Just like the hammer, the screwdriver, the pliers and the nails enable you to fix things around your house. All you have to do is pick them up and start pounding. Bam, bam, bam. That loose piece of wood is fixed and functioning.  Same thing with technology tools: pick them up and begin using them. Don’t try to learn how to use the entire toolbox all at once, just pick one thing, get proficient with it and move on to the next thing. Bam!

TOEs: Tools Of Technology + Willingness To Learn = The Life You Envision

What are the TOEs? Anything that helps you connect to like-minded people;  empowers yourself and others; and achieves goals.

Here are a few of my TOEs, which all help me attract my tribe and interact with them:

  • Twitter and Tweetchats and Hashtags 
  • Google+ Hangouts
  • Blogging
  • Facebook posts and likes and comments
  • My website
  • My LinkedIn profile  
  • My smartphone
  • My iPad
  • Apps
  • YouTube channel  

All of these are tools you can use to engage with your tribe, your community, your followers, friends and fans. Pick one (pick up one) and start learning how to use it. You can follow me or any other professionals who specialize in helping business owners learn how to use the tools of technology to create the three C’s: Content, Community, Commitment. Just take one step today.

Here’s how that one step can look:

  • Search in Google or search in YouTube for the task you want to master today. Perhaps you simply want to know how to upload your video to your YouTube channel. Copy this or click on this link and go right to the resource: How to upload my video to my YouTube channel When you use YouTube as a resource, you’ll have video tutorials (sometimes hundreds or thousands) to choose from. Always be as specific as possible in your search query and always include the year so you don’t waste time looking at old content and old interfaces of websites.
  • Search in your own social networks for your ideal teacher, trainer, coach or guru for the social network or type of technology you want to learn about. Or you can search in Google. But when you turn to your own social networks, chances are you have already connected with an expert whom you like and already trust.
  • Attend a webinar or seminar or conference about the “thing” you want to learn. It’s fun to be amongst your tribe, who are all passionate about the same thing you are. Make new friends and stay in touch to deepen relationships.

What are your own TOEs and how do you use them? Please share in a comment below.