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Are you searching for a Colorado SEO Expert to help you with your SEO? Read my blog post for some helpful tips to keep in mind as you search for the right person for you. I’d be happy to be that Colorado SEO Expert you call on. But if not, please be sure you thoroughly check out your SEO Expert with the following.

    1. Can you find your Colorado SEO Expert in the top search results in Google and Bing? If you can, that’s great! You should work with someone who walks their talk. But don’t stop there. What does the search result actually say? Is it gibberish, like a bunch of keywords running together in a sentence? Or does the search result read like a thoughtful statement? It takes skill to write an enticing, thoughtful statement and have it appear as the actual search result. Keep that in mind.


    1. Bing is important because Apple products use it as the default search engine. So, do be sure you do your homework there, as well. Can you find your Colorado SEO Expert in the top search results in Bing? If so, that’s great. That means she or he has strategy for Bing, as well as Google.


    1. Does the Colorado SEO Expert have a blog with numerous articles about SEO, social media marketing, digital marketing and other related topics? Does she or he actually help the reader or are all the blog posts self-serving? If they have a blog filled with helpful blog posts then add that person to your list of candidates to consider.


  1. Don’t put all your marketing eggs in the basket of Google and Bing. Be sure you work with a Colorado SEO Expert who is also knowledgeable about social media; blogging; email marketing; and marketing in general. This type of expert will be able to give you a comprehensive approach to your visibility efforts in all of your marketing.

Colorado SEO Expert



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