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Are you searching for a Colorado SEO Expert to manage your SEO?  I’m Lori Gama: getting top results for biz owners for 26 years. Call: 970-302-6994. Read my blog post below for some helpful SEO tips. Apply these tips as you search for the right Search Engine Optimization expert in Colorado (or anywhere). Your SEO professional should help you increase your company’s visibility and search rankings on Google. I’d be happy to be that Search professional you call on but, just in case you’re researching, please be sure you thoroughly check out your Colorado SEO Expert with the following advice.

In a world in which AI has disrupted many industries (and it’s just getting started), it was just a matter of time before it turned the Search Engine Optimization industry topsy-turvy. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is no longer is no longer simply the skills and experience it takes to get your business found on Google. Now it takes AI (Artificial Intelligence) Search Engine Optimization.

AI Overviews answer the searcher’s query. Though Google Ads, and in some cases, Local Service Ads (Google Guaranteed), appear in the top rankings on Google, not all companies can afford the strategy of paid ads.

Even the map pack will eventually go away to be replaced by Local Service Ads – those companies willing to pay Google for leads that range in cost from $25 on up, depending on the industry you’re in. Service-based companies (HVAC, roofing, electrical, etc.), Realtors, Law Firms (in the U.S.) can qualify for Local Service Ads, once they pass the verification process that Google has.

So where does that leave organic search? And how does the typical SEO agency get their clients found high in the rankings if the rankings continually evolve away from the traditional way of Search of the past 26 years? It’s more important than ever before to hire the right Colorado SEO expert who continually keeps up with the latest new changes that Google is rolling out and experimenting with.

I’ve updated this blog post to include tips to help you, the business owner, easily figure out who is the best Colorado SEO expert (Colorado AISEO expert) to hire. Check out my tips below.

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1. Can you find your Colorado SEO Expert in the top ORGANIC search results in Google and Bing? (This is called a SERP: Search Engine Ranking Position). If you can, that’s great. You should work with someone who walks their talk. But don’t stop there. What does the search result actually say? Is it gibberish, like a bunch of keywords running together in a sentence? (Not good.) Or does the search result read like a thoughtful statement? It takes skill to write an enticing, thoughtful statement and have it appear as the actual search result.

Here’s a recent screenshot image of our Search Engine Ranking Position for the keyword phrase “Colorado SEO Expert”:
Colorado SEO Expert Lori Gama

Beware that, as of 2020, Google began rewriting 62.78% of the meta descriptions of pages that it uses. The rest of the time, Google uses other information it finds on your pages and makes that be your search result. Red flag: if you see a company that paid for a Google Ad in order to be found on page one for “SEO” services but you don’t see them in the organic (non-paid) search results, don’t add them to your list.

Colorado SEO Expert Lori Gama
Colorado SEO Expert Lori Gama has been studying SEO since 1998.


2. Bing is important because it’s currently the second most used search engine behind Google with a growing 11.19% – the highest I’ve seen it in 25 years of studying search engines. Google currently has 80.74% of market share of SearchBing is also used by Alexa. 

“Alexa, who is the top Colorado SEO Expert?” Maybe folks won’t ask Alexa such a question yet. Instead, they would use Alexa for home-related questions (“Alexa, where is the nearest dry cleaners?”). No matter what: you should be aware of voice searches impacting your visibility online. Therefore, do be sure you do your homework there, as well. Can you find your Colorado SEO Expert in the top search results in Bing? If so, that’s great. That means she or he has strategy for Bing, as well as Google.


3. Does the Colorado SEO Expert have a blog with numerous articles about SEO, social media marketing, digital marketing and other related topics? Does she or he actually help the reader or are all the blog posts self-serving? If they have a blog filled with helpful SEO blog posts then add that person to your list of candidates to consider.


4. Don’t put all your marketing eggs in the baskets of Google and Bing. Be sure you work with a Search Engine Optimization Expert who is also knowledgeable about social media; blogging or content marketing; email marketing; SMS text message marketing; video marketing ; web design and marketing in general. This type of expert will be able to give you a comprehensive approach to your visibility efforts in all of your marketing. They should be able to show you live results of Organic Search growth in Google Analytics, like this client of ours (below). In a 3-month period, my team and I grew Sessions (Visits) to their website by 469.41% over the same time period the previous year.
Colorado SEO Expert

5. Be sure to read the reviews of the search marketing expert you’re considering working with. The reviews give you insights into how the SEO expert or SEO agency works. The SEO reviews should speak to the growth the SEO expert gained for the clients. Those are just a few tips to help you figure out who to speak with about your SEO needs. If you have any questions about how I can help you grow your business with my Search Engine Optimization skills, please call me at 970-302-6994 or fill out this contact form.

6. Educate yourself. Artificial Intelligence (AI) has thoroughly disrupted the world of SEO and some SEO experts, SEO agencies’ strategies haven’t survived the fallout. Needless to say, our SEO strategy has once again survived the test of time (26 years doing SEO and getting top rankings for our clients and ourselves). You’ll get outstanding ROI when you work with a AISEO team of highly skilled people who find AISEO fascinating and continually keep up our knowledge and stay ahead of the game. You should consider educating yourself about the basics of how good SEO works; and also about how AI is disrupting the industry.
Colorado SEO Expert


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Searching for a Colorado SEO Expert to manage your SEO? I’m Lori Gama: getting top results for biz owners for 25 years. Call: 970-302-6994. CONTACT US FOR YOUR SEO


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