Creative People of Greeley

Creative People of Greeley

Yesterday I found out the Greeley Chamber of Commerce’s After Hours event was thoughtfully postponed due to snow and more snow.

That’s not exactly what this post is about, though it does say a lot about Greeley folks: considerate, supportive, thoughtful, generous and kind. Putting safety first before everything else was a thoughtful decision.

While I was on their lovely new website, I registered for the December 15th event. I also checked out the membership directory. Just like Greeley: it’s grown quite a bit. Of course, I went to my category first: Advertising and Media.

There used to be only around five or six of us, including the great Bonnie Dean & Associates (now retired). Now there are 31 companies in the category of Advertising and Media.


The number and depth of the creative people of Greeley is astounding.

I don’t mean that there are only 31 creative companies who can assist you with advertising and media in Greeley. That’s just the tip of the iceberg.

We have artists: world-famous, obscure, local; the published and unpublished; the produced off-off broadway and those still trying. Writers, painters, mixed media, filmmakers, poets, musicians, singers, dancers, actors, actresses. Greeley is thriving with these types of Creatives. In fact, Greeley is one of 23 Creative Districts in Colorado.

We have business people who are creative at doing their thing, too. Do you know how much vision and imagination it takes to start a business, sustain it and keep it growing? Check out the ever-growing Greeley Chamber of Commerce for fun and educational events and networking opportunities.

Builders are in that group of creative people of Greeley, too. Yes, technically I could have lumped them into business people. But the builders are literally building physical structures that house people in affordable ways (and luxurious ways). Or they have constructed long overdue new schools that were literally crumbling before the school bond passed.I’d put the talented remodelers in that group of creative people of Greeley, too.

An astounding number of creative people of Greeley thrive here and support each other. Greeley is like life: it’s what you make it be.

What about the nonprofits? Talk about creativity. The paid teams and the volunteers of our community are probably THE most creative of all of us, stretching their budgets to sustain their initiatives, which sustain our neighbors experiencing homelessness, medical issues, hunger, and many other issues. They just need a helping hand from their neighbors. Which leads me to this point…

Greeley is populated with many, many generous people who have succeeded and reached a point in their lives that allows them to give back to our community (myself included, I am grateful to say) with donations of money, big and small; and by volunteering in a variety of ways. From volunteering on boards–making thoughtful and far reaching decisions to serving or delivering a hot meal to someone or holding a coat drive at their companies to gather warm coats for winter… the donors and volunteers of Greeley are generous and hard-working.

For example: check out the new Housing Navigation Center. The property was donated by a local, family-owned company (that’s how Greeley rolls). Many people assisted in many ways to remodel it and get it ready for those experiencing homelessness or those at risk of experiencing homelessness. But its main purpose is to provide resources and guide these folks toward permanent housing. Food, water and shelter are the first necessities of life. Without those in place, one cannot begin to thrive.

Can you see the mountains from Greeley?

Yes! It’s one of the few places in Colorado you can see the entire front range of the Rocky Mountains on a clear day from certain spots on the west ridge of Greeley.

Other cool things I love about living in Greeley:

Sure it’s not perfect here. Is it perfect anywhere? What is perfection anyway? There is give and take in life. Good times and not-so-good times. There are safe places in every city and places you want to be extra cautious in. If you live here, you know what a great community it is. If you’re thinking of living here, that’s wonderful! You’ll find your experience living in Greeley to be a positive one –especially when you volunteer. And if you need a helping hand, there are numerous solutions for numerous situations.

Living in Greeley is just like life…life is what you make it be.

creative people of Greeley. This is a picture of part of the Poudre River Trail, looking west.
This is a picture of part of the Poudre River Trail, looking west.


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Lori Gama

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