Facebook: How To Control Who Shows Up In Your Live Feed

Don’t you just love it? Just as you were getting comfortable with Facebook, they go and change things on you.

Here’s what Facebook said about the new version of its Live Feed after clicked on “edit options” at bottom of Live Feed page:

Live Feed automatically determines which friends to include based on who Facebook thinks you want to hear from most. You can manually adjust this list below.— Facebook

I’ve written these instructions below on how you can show more friends and also hide friends.

How To Control Who Shows Up In Your Live Feed:

On the “Live Feed” page: Click on the “edit options” at the bottom of the page; then create a “Hide” these people list and a “Show more” list.

Another way you can customize your news feed and live feed is to create lists of friends:
Create a list of top favorite friends then go to the left menu; click “More” and drag that list to the top of the column, over “News Feed”. Those friends will show up at the top of your live feed first, as it comes in.


Mari Smith made a great video about the second solution I described above.

A lot of people find it annoying to be informed of when you join a group or become a fan of someone’s fan page but I guess that’s Facebook’s way of getting more friends to join in or become a fan, too. Hang in there, maybe Facebook will modify things if enough people complain. There’s already a Facebook page for that! It’s called “MEMBERS WANT THE OLD FACEBOOK BACK & OUR VOICES MATTER” and it has over 819,000 members already!

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