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Are you searching for a Fort Collins SEO agency to help your business get found in Google? So glad you found us! In this blog post, I’m going to share some SEO tips with you about choosing the right Fort Collins SEO agency for you.

It’s growing increasingly important for business owners to work with a local SEO company.

Over 92% of consumers read online reviews about a business before deciding to spend money there.  It’s much easier to communicate face-to-face. One can get a sense of who the other person is when you’re in the same room together, like your office, or ours.

Before you decide to hire a Fort Collins SEO company:

    • Look for an SEO Fort Collins agency (or in any city) that includes a content marketing strategy with their SEO services. Your company should be portrayed as the authority in your industry. One of the ways you can achieve this is by consistently delivering high quality content to your audience.  The content can be in many forms: blog posts; videos; photos; podcasts; newsletters; experiential captured in video. A good SEO agency can either create any or all of the above for you; or guide you with strategy and a written plan.


    • Next: look for an SEO Fort Collins agency (or in Greeley, CO or any city) that can educate you about how they work their magic. What exactly are their SEO methods? They should be able to educate you in the hour or so you have together in your first meeting.


    • Find out if they consider themselves White Hat SEO experts; Grey Hat or Black Hat. In other words, do they follow the rules, bend the rules or completely break them? Which one do you want to work with? (For the record: we are White Hat).


    • Request that your Fort Collins SEO experts to show you live search results of several clients on page one in Google and Bing.


    • Find out if they provide a system for growing a positive Online Reputation for your company.


    • Ask your SEO experts how they utilize social media, YouTube, maps, link-building to get their clients found all over the Internet – not just in Google. (Never put all your marketing eggs in the Google basket. Why? You don’t own Google. Get visibility there, in addition to other places.)
Horsetooth Reservoir Fort Collins Colorado

One of our most favorite places in the world: Horsetooth Reservoir – Fort Collins – Colorado

Fort Collins SEO

So, if you haven’t noticed by now, I’ve mentioned “Fort Collins SEO” in the title of this blog post a few times. It’s important to do that but there is SO much more when it comes to providing comprehensive SEO. Be sure you choose a company that can get you found by your keywords when your future Fort Collins area customers go searching for your services and/or products.

By the way, though my company is located in Greeley, we enjoy visiting Fort Collins. Fort Collins is a vibrant city filled with a thriving community of people who live, work and play in one of America’s top cities. We work with companies throughout Colorado, including some in Fort Collins. We’re all part of the growing northern Colorado economy.

You’ve searched for the right Fort Collins SEO company to work with and now you’ve found us. If you want to work with SEO experts who have successfully gotten their clients found with thousands of top search results over the past 18 years: contact us. We’re DaGama Web Studio & Digital Marketing. We’re SEO experts who get you found all over the Internet, wherever your ideal customers are searching or hanging out. Contact us now. We offer a FREE SEO Analysis.

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