Google My Business Tips

Google My Business Tips

These Google My Business Tips are simple, quick tips you can implement on your own. You might be wondering: “why do I have to have a Google My Business Page?” (Sidenote: in 2022, Google change the name to be: Google Business Profile). Here’s a common scenario: Consumer “Sally” is new to your city (or she’s not new to your city but looking for a better solution) and looking for a hair stylist to color her hair. She’s done her homework and read reviews of local hair salons in Google and Yelp. She’s narrowed her choices down to two hair salons.

Here’s What the Typical Consumer Does When Deciding Between Two Businesses for the Same Service or Product

She Googles (searches in Google) each hair salon’s business name to see what their overall online reputation is. One hair salon has good or neutral search results and numerous photos of the business on their Google My Business profile (aka: Google Business Profile). There are pictures of their staff, customers’ before and after photos, inside pictures of their salon, outside pictures of their salon; and numerous photos of the salon owner in action, happily interacting with and serving her customers. In all the pictures, people look genuinely happy. The business has a 4.9 average rating with 134 Google reviews by customers.

Then Sally Consumer Googles her other choice. That hair salon has a Google My Business page, too. But there’s only one photo. It’s a little blurry. It’s a user-submitted photo of the building sign. No other photos. Sally did visit their website. In fact, she visited both of the hair salons’ websites and they were each fairly nice and detailed with pricing. But Sally feels better choosing the hair salon that had numerous photos of happy people in their Google My Business page that went hand-in-hand with the numerous positive reviews.

She felt better about that salon than she did about the other. The one with numerous photos on their Google My Business page seemed to care about what their prospective customers would find when people searched for a hair salon. The owner replied in a thoughtful manner to each of her reviews.  And so they actively managed their Google My Business page.

Your Google Home Page Is Your Online Reputation

When new people are thinking of possibly spending money with your business, and they already now your business name, they’ll most likely do a Google search based on your business name. You should do a search for your business name, too, and review the results. Think of the search results as being like your Google Home Page. Your Google Home Page is your online reputation (basically). The best place to begin managing your online reputation is to actively manage your Google My Business profile (aka: Google Business Profile).

Follow my tips below to make sure your Google My Business profile is accurate and helpful to future prospective customers.  I hope you find these tips helpful.

Google My Business Tips

      1. From a laptop or desktop computer: go to Google; sign in; and type your business name into the search box. You should see the knowledge graph for your company appear on the right side of the search results. Make sure your business’s name, address and phone number (NAP) are correct. If you’ve never edited your own GMB profile before, read about it in Google: Edit your business listing in Google. If you need to claim your business listing: sign into Google and click this link: Request Ownership. Depending on how quickly the current owner replies to the email that Google will send to them, and if they will give you ownership, you’ll then be able to edit your business listing. Keep reading now so you can apply my tips.


      1. Make sure your business is in the best category possible. If you own a restaurant that services alcohol, your best category is “Restaurant” and not “Bar.” You’ll be able to mention that you have a bar in your description.


      1. Not sure if you have a business that qualifies to have a Google My Business page? Google has a simple rule for this:


    Eligible businesses

    In order to qualify for a Google My Business listing, a business must make in-person contact with customers during its stated hours.

    Ineligible businesses

    The following businesses aren’t eligible for a business listing:

        • Rental or for-sale properties such as vacation homes, model homes, or vacant apartments. Sales or leasing offices, however, are eligible for verification.


        • An ongoing service, class, or meeting at a location that you don’t own or have the authority to represent.


        • Lead generation agents or companies.


    Read more:
    More Google My Business Tips: When your prospective customers find your business in Google and find your GMB profile, the first thing they’ll look for are your reviews. (Check out DaGama Digital Marketing Agency Google Reviews).

    What if you don’t have any reviews? Your prospective customers don’t want to be the “guinea pig” or seemingly the first to try out your services, therefore, they will most likely move on to their next choice. Worst cast scenario: what do you do when you have one review and it’s a negative review? Ask yourself what this says about your company. In a world that’s increasingly driven by blockchain Trust is the new currency, would YOU do business with a company that only has one Google review and it’s a negative review? You just answered “no” so now what? Read on, dear business owner, for my next tip.

    What About Negative Reviews?

    A negative review is an opportunity for you to shine in the eyes of current customers and potential customers. A complaint is an opportunity to make things right and satisfy the complainer. All of your reviews should ideally receive a unique, thoughtful and sincere reply, however, with a negative review, you must especially reply in a thoughtful, sincere and graceful manner. Each negative review is completely unique and therefore it’s difficult to advise you, however, generally speaking, if you apologize and at least attempt to make things right, everyone who reads your response (especially prospective customers) will see that you tried to make things right and they’ll probably still do business with you – depending on what your business is and depending on a lot of other factors. If the review violate’s Google’s review policy, here’s what Google says to do: Can I remove an unfair Google review?

    To ask Google to remove or delete an inappropriate review from your Business Profile, report the review. Google can remove reviews that violate Google’s policies. Important: Before you ask to remove or delete a review, read our reviews policy. Read more about what Google says about unfair Google reviews here.

    Did your company move to a new location? Don’t create a whole new Google Business Profile. Instead, update the address. However, if you’d like to move reviews from a really old Google Business Profile, read what Google says to do here.

    Use all the features included with the Google Business Profile.

    You can create daily or weekly Google Posts. You can create weekly or monthly offers so potential customers are more likely to buy from you versus a competitor who is not providing an offer, a discount, a coupon. Plus: Google gives more visibility to the Offer type of post vs. a regular Google post. Other features you should fill out: products and services. Depending on what type of business you have, your Google Business Profile might also other features/tools to take advantage of. Need assistance? We’re happy to help! Call 970-302-6994 to speak with SEO Expert Lori Gama or fill out the contact form to book a Discovery Session.

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