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Searching for Greeley SEO/Search Engine Optimization services? We’ve been successfully using our organic Search ranking skills to rank local and national companies since 1998. We use a holistic approach. We use a combination of keyword research, on-page/technical SEO; competitor research; content marketing; and off-page SEO, including thoroughly managing your Google Business Profile. Get Greeley SEO strategy that gets you found.

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Why Hire a Local Greeley SEO Expert?

These are the main reasons you should work with a Greeley SEO expert or SEO agency:


Longevity and experience counts

Colorado SEO expert Lori Gama, has been operating her marketing agency for almost three decades. Longevity and experience counts – especially when it comes to deciding where your marketing dollars are going to be invested. You want to choose a Colorado SEO expert who gets the results you’re after: top 10 search rankings, featured snippets, map results, with the keywords your future customers are using now.

Lori Gama, owner of DaGama Web Studio & Digital Marketing Agency, establishes your SEO lead generation strategy by first meeting with you; listening to find out your goals and other details. When you hire local Colorado SEO expert Lori Gama, expect to stay on track with goals; expect to stay informed about progress; and expect creative ideas to flow. Soon you’ll see the fruits of her SEO labor in the form of increased visibility on Google and Bing, which turns into more phone calls and forms for you.


Personalized service

Personalized service: though we value technology and saving time, we love meeting in person with our clients.

In a post-pandemic world, meeting in person feels nourishing to the soul.

An in-person meeting makes it much easier to be able to ask questions, express concerns, share news and communicate. Zoom and phone calls work, too, of course. With our SEO company, you can see us in person – instead of only being able to use email to communicate.

The point is: it’s very important to keep the communication flowing between us. We want to make sure you’re always happy.


Support local businesses & nonprofits

We support local. We believe that “all boats float with a rising tide.” We believe in doing business locally and contributing to local charities by donating money and volunteering time to the United Way of Weld County; The Greeley Dream Team; The Weld Food Bank; The Larimer Food Bank; The Boys and Girls Club of Weld County and Larimer County; A Woman’s Place; Women 2 Women; and numerous other non-profits.

Everyone on our team contributes time and/or money to local nonprofits. Not because we ask them to – but because supporting our neighbors in need and community service is an important value we all share.


Connect with resources and people

Another unique advantage of working with us is that if your business is in Greeley CO, or anywhere in northern Colorado, our founder, Lori Gama, will connect you with resources and people to help you grow business or solve problems and/or to just plain have fun.

It can be challenging and sometimes stressful to own and operate a business. It’s important to have fun, too. We friends and resources in Greeley, Loveland, Windsor, Fort Collins, Evans, Denver, Colorado Springs. By hiring us, you get more than a marketing team. You get business partners who support you in achieving your goals in business and in life.

There are different ways that SEO companies carry out Search Engine Optimization

Here at DaGama Digital Marketing (aka DaGama Web Studio), we use a holistic approach and Google’s checklist. We use a combination of keyword research, on-page SEO; technical SEO; competitor research; content marketing;  off-page SEO, E-E-A-T, SGE, and we include thoroughly managing your Google Business Profile. AI generative tools give our clients a highly competitive edge. Knowing how to use AI tools is similar to having WordPress skills; writing skills; SEO skills; marketing skills and many other skills. Prompt engineering is a critically important skill to possess. It’s greatly helpful to know how to leverage AI tools, including ChatGPT, MidJourney and other AI tools.

Though no SEO expert can guarantee to get your company found on page one on Google and other search engines (such as Bing), we do have a 100% success rate for getting all of our clients onto page one with their top keywords and they all possess map listings and top 3 search engine ranking positions (serps). The average share-of-voice our clients possess ranges from 3.15% to 14.7%. Share-of-voice means that our clients are found for popular keywords in 3.15% to 14.7% of the local searches.

If you’d like to discuss your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) project, please contact us now. We’d love to help you


Business Grew by 75%

Zach McPhee, Co-owner of Summit Roofing Solutions, LLC gives a video testimonial about our digital marketing services.
“Helped us grow our business by 75% since we were in business before without her.”
Zach McPhee

Summit Roofing Solutions, LLC

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Above: A screenshot image from an incognito search for the keyword phrase: greeley seo agency results in our company having the top position above the map, (as well as the top position on the the map). If you'd like to work with an SEO company that gets these kinds of results, please reach out, call us or fill out our contact form. We'd love to help you achieve your goals!