“Latino In America” Not The Ratings Hit “Black In America” Was

When I first heard about CNN’s Latino In America, I was excited because I thought they would provide portraits of us, from all walks of life. Unfortunately, most of the stories on CNN’s Latino In America program portrayed and reinforced stereotypes. Where were the Latina and Latino business people, like me, who overcame hardships and built companies that are hugely successful? Lorena Garcia, a hardworking, successful Latina business woman was the only story I could somewhat identify with. What about our youth who have graduated high school and went on to college? I’d like to see their stories because they could really inspire our youth who are struggling to make it to high school graduation ceremony. Like all companies who want to reach the Hispanic/Latina(o) market: CNN should have hired a Hispanic marketing company to help them–one who knows how to reach the sub-cultures within our culture. That would have been the respectful and smart thing to do.
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