Mobile Search is Bigger Than Desktop Search

Desktop PC users shop more casually and take their time before making a purchase decision – it can be up to one WEEK before they buy. But Mobile and Tablet users have the mindset of  “I need it now” as they search with their devices and they make a purchase in one HOUR, according to Microsoft’s Yusuf Mehdi and Dennis Glavin.

Mobile Internet search is growing out of this world. With mobile- local search on the rise,  increasing by 50% each year, smartphone users are proving they are driving the economy. The businesses being found in Local Search are harvesting big returns on the relatively small investment of having a mobile website in place.   Nine out of ten smartphone users search locally for a product or service; and 88% of THOSE people call the business THAT same day.

Can you say Op-OR-tune-ity?

Three things to keep in mind when venturing into mobile marketing:

  1. Your brand is being hunted. Think like your hunter. Your hunter is your smartphone user in search of your service or product. She is focused on finding you. She is READY TO BUY. Right now. Your job is to be found so she can call you.
  2. Your local hunter will call you today if he finds you today AND if your website is thumb-friendly with large buttons and in-your-face-calls-to-action.  With a mobile-friendly website, your phone number shows up on the smartphone, ready to be used. I call this: click-to-call marketing.
  3. Mobile hunters prowl at night. A study by Google showed that tablet and mobile phone usage “spiked” in the evening as people settled in front of the TV or just settled down in bed.

Create your mobile strategy within this first quarter of the year –even if it’s simply to get a mobile version of your website in place, you’ll be way ahead of your competition.  You’ll be the brand that’s found AND called in the same day. That could be tomorrow. Don’t wait.

Mobile search data (graph)

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