My Favorite Tweep of the Week – Denisse Icaza

Lori’s Favorite Tweep of the Week


Tweep of the week - Denisse Icaza


Denisse Icaza is a Latina blogger and entrepreneur who founded Ahoras para Mamá (Translation: Savings for Mama): a website that serves the Spanish-speaking community. The site is jam-packed with coupons that moms are in need of. Denisse’s Facebook community is made up of 7,806 fans (!) and growing strong. She’s one of the elite Disney Social Media Moms who gets to check out fun, new stuff at Disney World and blog about it or create a video about it. Denisse’s audience is primarily made up of bi-lingual Latina moms and if you don’t speak Español, don’t let that stop you from checking out her brilliance. Just open up Google’s Chrome browser and when you visit her website, you’ll be given an option to translate the content into English (it won’t be as eloquently written as it is in Spanish because it’s a “robot” translation but you’ll be able to understand more about what she does and you might even find some coupons that will save you some cash next time you go to the grocery store). Denisse is a rock star at what she does! She’s the quintessential entrepreneur who saw a need and solved a problem by creating a business and blog around it. Very inspiring!