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FREE 10-Page Website With Purchase of 12 Months of our SEO Management
We offered 10 pages but you can have as many pages as you would like! We’ll show you how to easily create more pages and add the links to your navigation menu. We develop on the WordPress platform, which is used by 1/3 of the world and is constantly being improved upon by thousands of WordPress developers.

Details of Offer:

Sign a contract with us for 12 months of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) with us and you’ll receive a FREE 10-Page Website (we’ll program 10 pages and show you how to add more pages).

Choose from 3 different SEO Plans to suit your budget for growing visibility in Google:

  • Plan A: $4999/month (details below)
  • Plan B: $799/month (details below)
  • Plan C: $599/month (details below)

Custom Plans Available

$1,500 SET-UP FEE
Choose a payment plan to fit your budget: monthly; quarterly; annually and kindly provide your credit card details. When you pay quarterly you get a 10% discount. When you pay annually, you get a FREE month of SEO and can pay by check.

Your FREE 10-Page Website details: choose one layout (design) from 10 choices. We are happy to present the 10 choices of layouts/designs BEFORE you decide to sign up.

Provide all website assets: a list of names of your pages; provide your logo file; your photos (maximum of 20) and text for each page. The text must be provided in the form of a Word Document and be free from typos, misspellings and must be grammatically correct and ready to be published to the website. If any corrections to the text are requested after programming your website, there may be additional time charged to make corrections.

You become the owner of your website upon final payment of 12th month of SEO service. Or pay for all 12 months in one payment and assume ownership immediately, PLUS: receive a FREE month of SEO services.

Provide login and password to your domain account or if you don’t yet own a domain, you can purchase a free domain when you purchase website hosting at Bluehost.com.
Purchase your own hosting at Bluehost.com or GoDaddy.com and provide us with the login and password to your hosting control panel.

Your FREE 10-Page Website does not contain a shopping cart but it can easily be added on for an additional charge, depending on how many products you have.

If you would like additional pages, you can easily add them on yourself. We’ll show you how.

Includes a section for a blog and includes a monthly SEO’d blog post we write for you.

Includes social media icons linked to your Social Media profiles (if you provide the links to us).

Does not include Social Media Management.

We test your website in the latest versions of popular browsers; and on multiple devices such as mobile; tablets; laptop and desktop. We do not guarantee an exact replication on all devices, due to the differences in each platform and browser, and due to the user’s browser size and text sized, which are beyond our control.

Upon contract signing and upon 1st month’s payment of SEO services, and upon receipt of your website assets, you’ll be asked to decide on your layout/design. Then we’ll program your website within 30 days or less. You’ll get to review your website before it’s launched publicly. You’ll sign off on it and then we’ll launch it.

Each SEO Plan includes keyword research and a content theme you approve of; optimizing your website page titles, meta descriptions and other code; optimizing your Google My Business page; adding your company’s contact information, logo and 4 photos in 70 Local Directories that Google deems important to cross-check your NAP (Name, Address, Phone); one monthly custom-written blog post that’s SEO’d; Google Analytics installed on your website and monthly reports provided to show your traffic growth; popular pages; length of visitor stay and many, many other details.

We also manage your Google Console to identify potential errors and to ensure Google can successfully crawl and index your website.

We provide you with a system that will help you grow your positive Google and Yelp reviews. With 92% of consumers reading reviews before deciding to spend money with companies, your reviews are more important than ever before.

We can’t guarantee to get you found in Google, however, we are happy to show your our list of clients and over 1,000 popular keywords they are all found in the top 10 search results in Google and Bing.

Plan A: $499/month includes all of the above SEO DETAILS, plus 2 blog posts per month to more quickly and aggressively grow your search results. OR can be used for Ecommerce websites and instead of 2 blog posts per month, there would be one blog post per month and SEO of up to 10 product pages per month.

Plan B: $399/month includes all of the above SEO DETAILS, plus 1 blog posts per month to more quickly and aggressively grow your search results.
Plan C: $299/month all of the above SEO DETAILS, which has one blog post per month.

You can write as many blog posts as you would like to and we’ll be happy to SEO up to 5 per month for free.

We are happy to add a Google Map to your office on your website.

We are happy to add up to 5 videos that your provide the embed code for (Vimeo or YouTube embed code).

We don’t include video production but can refer you to professionals in our region.

Upon signing contract, kindly make your website choice within 30 days or less or there may be a re-start fee of $150 and you might have to be re-scheduled for launch date. There are no refunds. We want you to get your professional mobile-friendly website launched so we can begin our SEO work and we hope you’ll decide on your layout/design within a reasonable amount of time (30 days or sooner) so we can do our work for you.

When you’re ready to get started or if you have any questions or concerns, please call Lori Gama: 970-302-6994.
Thank you!

If you're one of our SEO clients, we bundle in this service automatically.

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Brandon Ewals-Strain
Brandon Ewals-Strain
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We have been using Lori for almost a full year. She built our website from scratch and has helped us optimize our visibility online and helped with social media. Our business is booming and it's almost hard to keep up with all the new work headed our way; thanks to Lori and her staff. Lori is very knowledgeable and easy to talk too and you can tell that she loves her job. I highly recommend the DaGama Web Studio to anyone in need of this service.
Zach McPhee
Zach McPhee
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Working with Lori and her team at DeGama Web Studio has been one of, if not the best business decision we have made since starting 8 years ago. She has helped us build our web presence ten fold and in return our Local Roofing company. From building our new website to SEO, social marketing, video marketing on Facebook & Comcast and overall just amazing ideas on how to market our business specifically, I wouldn't have asked for a better business relationship. Lori and her team know what's up. DO NOT hesitate to contact them for any of their AMAZING services!
Robert E. Ray
Robert E. Ray
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I began working with Lori Gama of DaGama Web Studio two years ago and I saw substantial results immediately. I track new client referrals and the number of referrals I get from Google as a result of Lori's work have increased my revenue by 50%. We meet once a month were I am provided a concise tracking report that clearly shows how her hard work has resulted in my website being found in the top spots for many different search results. I would highly recommend Dagama Web Studios and I sincerely wish that I had found them sooner!
Troy Kerns
Troy Kerns
Estes Park ATV Rentals
Read More
Lori has done a great job of redesigning our site from an out of date site to probably best ATV Rental site out there. Lori is very attentive to all your needs and is committed to providing great customer service. Theses services she provided us were: Web Design, Social Media Marketing and SEO. I would highly recommend DaGama Web Studio to anyone who want to have the best possible site and service for there website needs. 5 stars all the way!!!!!!!!!!!! P.S. Since I changed over to DaGama Web Studio in early 2019 my business has grown over 100% since last year and it all because of her commitment to her helping us reach as many customers as possible. SHE DOES GREAT JOB!

5-Star Rated

I’m Lori Gama, the founder of DaGama Digital Marketing. My local team and I are organized, efficient and highly skilled in digital marketing services. Read what our clients say…

“Lori and her team took a massive project and made our new website simple and easy to use — without headaches! We appreciated her speed, attention to detail and deadlines, and her genuine concern for us to present the best website possible. We’re going to hire her again for another project!”

Rene Hardwick

Valued customer

Director of Public and Industry Relations of The National Onion Association