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Get Found In Google With SEO

What do people find when they Google your name? Positive, negative or nothing?
Future customers research you before they do business with you.  
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Do you have negative reviews?

How important is it to be VISIBLE in Google and above your competition?

Our Search Engine Optimization (SEO) service includes proven techniques to craft the pages of your website into being Search Engine-friendly. And with Google holding the largest market share in the world of search engines, getting found in Google is one of the top ways to grow business.

Google continually improves upon the ways that it delivers valuable search results. That’s why our CEO, Lori Gama, who’s been studying Google since 1998, continually keeps up-to-date on Google’s algorithms, such as the June 2019 Core Update (as of this writing, it’s the latest big change) and many other “pieces of the puzzle” such as off-page optimization and Social Media that work cohesively to get you found in Google.

Whether you’re searching for Fort Collins SEO Services; Loveland SEO Services; Greeley SEO Services or any city in northern Colorado or elsewhere, we can help you get much more visibility and help you grow your business.

Content Strategy and Content Marketing is critical to your business growth

Be sure to work with a Search Engine Optimization expert who integrates a Content Marketing strategy that’s unique for your company.  We offer a customized Content Marketing strategy that works in combination with your SEO.

Search is always evolving. SEO is a lot like planting a garden. In a garden, if you don’t water the plants, they’ll die. With your SEO, if you don’t manage your SEO, your search results disappear.

Get Found In Google With Good SEO and Strategic Content Marketing

Good Search Engine Optimization is important but SEO alone is no longer good enough. A complete Digital Marketing Plan that’s unique to YOUR company is one of the most powerful tools to grow business. Your Digital Marketing Plan should include:

  • SWOT Analysis
  • Visibility Index Score™
  • Content Marketing Strategy
  • Social Media Marketing Strategy
  • Blog
  • E-mail Marketing
  • Reviews System
  • YouTube Strategy
  • Google My Business Strategy
  • And other things that are customized to fit YOUR company

Depending on what type of business you have, there are several other types of marketing that can be critical to the growth of your business, such as: Google Ad Campaigns (PPC); Retargeting; Facebook Ad Campaigns; in-person events; workshops; webinars; direct mail; all help to get you found, not only in Google but wherever your tribe is hanging out at any given time.

Does a Digital Marketing Plan Sound Like a Lot of Work?
Get Found In Google With SEO

Yes, it is a lot of work but building your business takes time and you need to make wise choices. That’s what we’re here for: to take care of your Digital Marketing and guide you in making wise choices that work for YOUR business.

Our Search Engine Optimization service includes an SEO audit; keyword research and analysis, programming to implement the SEO; and Google Analytics analysis explained in easy-to-understand terms. We do ongoing Search Engine Optimization so your website remains in the top search results. Our monthly SEO management packages start out at $399 per month for basic SEO and range from $999 per month on up. Technical SEO is necessary to keep your website in prime search “shape.” Our SEO services include managing your business profile in 70 business directories that Google recognizes as being important links.

Our SEO and Content Marketing pricing is based on:

  • How many pages of your website will be optimized.
  • The extent of your Content Marketing (if we’ll work with only your website or add on your blog; YouTube channel; Google My Business page; directories and other things.)
  • The length of copy to optimize.
  • Competition
  • Research time: complexity and number of keywords.
  • Whether or not you have content already written. (If not, we can write it for you, for an additional fee.)
  • If you have an Ecommerce website.

Most SEO experts (in Colorado or elsewhere) will charge $2,000 or more just to consult with you. Call today and get your Website highly visible in Google (and Bing) and in social media, for a more reasonable rate.

Get Found In Google With SEO

Good SEO and effective Content Marketing is like planting a garden of flowers: if a “master gardener” (a Search Specialist/SEO expert) doesn’t tend to your garden of content and SEO’d pages, your Internet presence will die and the “competitor weeds” will take over.

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Whether you’re searching for Fort Collins SEO Services; Loveland SEO Services; Greeley SEO Services or any city in northern Colorado or elsewhere, we can help you grow business.

Get Found In Google With SEO

Business Grew by 75%

Zach McPhee, Co-owner of Summit Roofing Solutions, LLC gives a video testimonial about our digital marketing services. 

“Helped us grow our business by 75% since we were in business before without her.”

-Zach McPhee
Summit Roofing Solutions, LLC

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