Paid Advertising

Immediate visibility in front of your top customers.

When it comes to paid advertising, businesses make an average of $2 in revenue for every $1 they spend on Google Ads. (According to the Google Economic Impact Report).

It’s an immediate visibility solution when you need to get found right away while your brand new SEO efforts have time to take root and grow organically.

Google Ads are the fastest way to appear in the top search results. You must be prepared to invest at least $750 per month paid to Google (plus our set-up fee and monthly fee to manage this) as your Pay-Per-Click ad budget.

Many Types of Paid Advertising To Choose From

We can also manage your Facebook and Instagram Ads, for only $595 per month, plus set-up fee. Your ad budget can be smaller than for Google Ads. In Facebook, your monthly minimum budget for paid advertising can start at $300 per month.

If we can assist you by managing your Google Paid Ads or Facebook Ads, please call 970-302-6994 to get more information right now. Or fill out our contact form. Thanks!