You’re investing in your company when you invest in a website and marketing with us. Read about our pricing…

When you decide to work with us, we immediately begin working on increasing the value of your company by developing the best website and lead-generation marketing. Base your marketing pricing decisions on the value you’ll receive.

Yes. It’s true. We increase the value of your company. The more keywords your business is found on page one for, the more your business grows. (There are many other factors but getting found in the first place is an important one.)

Just ask any of our clients.

Base Your Marketing Pricing Decisions On The Value You’ll Receive

Your website is your most valuable marketing tool. And when your website is Search Engine Optimized (SEO’d) by DaGama Digital Marketing, your company’s value increases dramatically.

Some day when you get ready to sell your business, it will be substantially more valuable, thanks to the SEO and social media work we will have done for you.

Think about this: we get you found everywhere online. When that happens, more people find you, call you, and buy from you.

This only happens when we get to ask you several questions about what success looks like to you; about who your ideal customers are; and what’s unique about your company versus others that offer the same things.

“Can I get a ballpark quote?”

Yes, a ballpark quote or rough quote can be provided but you shouldn’t be gambling your business on a handful of rough quotes from different marketing agencies when you’re seeking pricing. Would you do that if you were having a custom home built?

No. You would meet with the builder and ask many questions and the builder would ask you many questions for the purpose of giving you what you want and more than you dreamed could be.

The same is true for building your website. As you read about our pricing, you’ll see the words “starting at” come up. There is a minimum number of hours we put into the websites we carefully craft. But each website is reflects your needs and the needs of potential customers. Our proven strategies will be tailored to fit your needs.

Here’s pricing information about our custom-developed websites:

Custom Website Solution:

A Thoughtfully Crafted Website & Content Creation:

Starting at 3900

Our showcase solution includes a strategy session with Marketing Expert, Lori Gama. Lori will ask you questions about your business, your customers, and your competition in order to determine the best combination of website features to grow your business. Next comes the site map phase; followed by the wireframes phase; and then the design and programming. Then, about 3-6 weeks later (depending on the size of your project and if you approve of each phase in a timely manner) we test and then launch your new website. Increasing the conversion rate of your visitors discovering you online, then filling out your contact form or calling you is the goal.

And if you have an online store, then the main goal would be to sell a specific number of products each week.

We create the messaging and content needed to increase new customer generation on all of your top main pages.

Our team of writers create the text for each main page.

If you don’t have professional photography and/or professionally designed Brand Collateral, or a professionally produced video, we can provide any or all of that for an additional investment fee, which is based on your needs.

Extra fast, small-budget websites:

72-Hours Up and Running Website:

Starting at $1,900

You’ve got a small budget for your first website and want the most experienced web development team you can get. That’s why you searched and found us. We’re glad you’re here. We can help you now and as you grow, we’d be honored to help you upgrade to a totally custom-developed website.

Process: we’ll ask you five questions. You’ll provide your logo (if you don’t have one, we can design one for an additional fee); list your services and service areas; provide your contact information and we’ll have you up and running with your new website in 72 hours.

If you don’t have a domain yet, we’ll help you get one (you’ll own it and you’ll have the login and password to your hosting control panel, too).

That pricing and the fast and professional work that it includes is intended for companies with small budgets who are getting started and don’t have a lot of money yet for a marketing budget.

This start-up pricing does not include meetings to discuss the design; nor does it include revisions.

When you start to grow more revenue, we can graduate you into a custom solution and/or you can add on monthly SEO services:

We do 23 daily, weekly, monthly tasks with our SEO services. Our local team of marketing ninjas (trained by the founder of our company: Lori Gama) work smartly to make that VISIBILITY happen as fast as possible. Increasing the conversion rate of your visitors discovering you online, then filling out your contact form; scheduling an appointment; coming in to your store (or online store) to make a purchase or calling you – one of those will be our goal for you. See our Marketing Case Studies for examples.

Who Do We Work With?
Our ideal client is a family-owned company that’s been in business for three years or longer and values working with a local marketing expert who gets growth results for their business; frequently keeps in touch; and continually evolves their marketing to fit the times we live in. We become part of your team.

We also work with Non-Profit Organizations to develop a highly effective website and/or digital marketing strategy to achieve a specific goal. See our Marketing Case Studies for examples.

Marketing Consultation.

Many business owners have invested in a consultation with Lori Gama and applied her strategic advice themselves. If you’re a DIYer (Do-It-Your-Selfer), don’t have a team and need to save a lot of money, time and frustration, call Lori Gama. This marketing consultation is perfect for folks who need direction on how to jumpstart their marketing or need a complete road map of marketing action steps unique to their business. Schedule an appointment with Lori Gama. The first two hours are $600. Each additional hour is $175.