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SEO Case Study

Our clients grow business by 23%; 50%; 75% or more after choosing to work with us.

This service-based business owner had started his business three years before finding our company in Google. They were having a challenging time keeping more than one full-time employee at the time, due to a lack of business. The owners are experts with their services but they were invisible in Google and needed OUR expert.

After doing a search for a local SEO company and carefully choosing us, this service-based company is having a record-breaking year of growth. In the first 6 months, we grew their business by 23% over the previous year.

Take a look at these screenshot image from their Google Analytics, which was just taken in October, 2020. This 3-month time period shows the explosive growth we have grown for their business. New Users of their website grew by 581% from Google/Organic traffic. This type of visibility increases the value of their business, as well as increases revenue.

How would YOU like to have 581% Google Organic Traffic Growth for your website?

We can’t guarantee to get your business found in the top search rankings or grow your business because we don’t own or control Google, however, all our clients have invested into our SEO services for their companies and their businesses are thriving. When you invest in your business with SEO services from DaGama Digital Marketing, you begin to increase the value of your company, in addition to growing sales. We take a wholistic approach and diligently do 22 daily, weekly and monthly tasks that all contribute to growing your visibility on Google and, thus, growing your business. You get more phone calls, more customers, more contact forms filled out.

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By owning a company that gets found everywhere online, with positive reviews, hundreds of top 10 search results and also in social media, you’re increasing the value of your company. One day when you’re ready to sell your company (or pass it on to the next generation), it will be that much more valuable because you’re found everywhere.