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What do people find when they Google your name? Positive, negative or nothing?
Future customers research you before they do business with you.  
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Did you recently discover information about yourself or your company that's negative and could end up harming your online reputation? Managing your Online Reputation is a challenging and time-consuming task to do by yourself. That's why we offer this service to people who want to build up positive search results and manage reviews about themselves.

Before you even call us, we've got two FREE tips for you. Taking action is empowering.
Here you go:

  1. Set up a Google Alert for your name and one for your company name. Google will email you when these are mentioned online. You'll be given links to go check out the content tied to you. Be sure it's positive and thank the author if comments are allowed or you can usually email them a thank you. If it's a negative mention, consider getting professional Online Reputation consultation. 

  2. Set up your LinkedIn profile and make it public. Make sure your profile is optimized 100% (or at least 90%). There are many other things you can do to strengthen your LinkedIn profile and, thus, making your Online Reputation stronger, too.

  3. Call us so we can help: 970-302-6994.

You need social media monitoring, PR, negative-content-filtering, negative content-removal, social media profiles set up and managed, blog posts written and shared and many other things that are necessary in order to build a solid good Online Reputation. 

Managing your reviews is another system we put in place for you and manage. We can teach you and your team how to manage this or we can do it for you. A one-star increase in your ratings can actually increase monthly revenue by about 5% - 9%. Think of what the opposite of that can do. Give us a call.

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You'll be kept informed on progress with Online Reputation Management reports. Plus, you can always search for your name in Google and Bing and see for yourself. 

Online Reputation Management

Name Monitoring

Fixing Errors

Negative Content Removal

The foundation of a successful Reputation Management campaign is an in-depth evaluation of your circumstances and objectives. Each of our services can be used separately depending on your needs and targets.

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Are You Searching for a Company That Can Help You With Your Online Reputation Management?

Online Reputation Management includes putting a process in place for you to get 5-star reviews from your customers on GooglePlus, Yelp, Facebook and numerous other websites that encourage consumer reviews.

We’ll show you how to manage and nurture your reviewers. Even if you get a bad review, you’ll know how to reply in such a way that everyone who reads your reply, including the customer who wrote the review, will know that you truly care about making it right for the customer.

Online reputation management includes many other details that we can manage for you and also show you how to take care of this yourself. We’re DaGama Web Studio and we want to help you with your Online Reputation, plus other services, such as web design, SEO, social media marketing and more. Call us at 970-302-6994 or contact us via our contact form.