How to Share Live Video On Facebook

This is a game changer, folks! Live video launched in Facebook this week. You can use it from your phone, of course, and share to your timeline. You can use it in Facebook Groups, too.

If you want to learn how to share live video on Facebook, scroll down below to see my graphic.

Live video is a powerful marketing tool. Just look at what happened when Periscope, Meerkat and Snapchat launched–they immediately grew quickly –and have spawned other hybrids, like Blab.

Did you know that 65% of people watch a video three-fourths of the way through? And 75% of people watch videos online every week! I watch videos online quite a bit. I’m one of the 58% of people who do it daily. Do you?

It’s not just puppies and baby goat videos (those are fun, right?). Work-related videos are watched by 75% of business executives every week!

Why Should YOU Consider Live Streaming Video for Marketing?

Turns out that people love the immediacy and real-deal-ness of live video. The person broadcasting is totally putting herself or himself on the line (pun intended!). And it’s live. Make a mistake and you can’t edit it out later. There is no “later” on live streaming video. It’s now.

That’s why it’s the fastest way to sell, too.

People get to see the real you and then they can decide right then if they like you. If they do, they’ll keep watching and giving you their attention. That’s very valuable. Time and attention is more valuable than money.

Once you have their attention, just be yourself. The more authentic you are, the more you’ll start to attract your tribe with your vibe. I’ve said this for many years now. Well, now it doesn’t get anymore “live” than this unless you’re in the same room together.

Perhaps that’s why 96% (!) of B2B companies are planning to use video in their content marketing in the coming year.

Facebook has rolled out live streaming video to iPhone users first. Hopefully, Android is coming soon (as of this writing).

Underneath these “How-To” instructions is a short list of ways you can integrate live video into marketing for your business.

How to Share Live Video On Facebook

How to Share Live Video On Facebook

Ways to Integrate Live Video into Your Marketing for Your Business

So, if you’re like most business owners, you’re too busy to even eat your lunch some days, let alone stop for a minute or two or three to do some live video broadcasting, right? Or maybe you don’t want to put yourself on camera. That’s perfectly fine in the beginning but I do encourage you to eventually do “face-to-camera” so people who are watching can feel the emotional connection that begins that “know me, like me, trust me” phase before some of your audience actually buys from you.

One more tip before you do this: do think about WHY you’re about to go live. Have a purpose that brings value into the lives of your followers. But on the other hand, don’t be afraid to show the so-called fluffy stuff, too: behind-the-scenes type of content like your work space; where you’re eating lunch (support that local business and give them a free plug); or even your own backyard you’ve worked hard on getting ready for spring. Mari Smith is a world-famous marketing expert and THE Facebook Marketing Expert. Recently, she started doing her own live broadcasting and one of her videos was a quick tour of her beautiful backyard with all her flowers, her gazebo where she meditates and a stunning view of the Pacific ocean. Did this video educate me about how to grow business? No, of course not. But it endeared her to me more because she showed a side of herself/her life that her fans don’t get to see often.

(Okay, I have to admit: I went into Facebook to look for video examples and ended up watching three OTHER videos that I never would have dreamed I’d be watching. So, this is exactly why video is so powerful: it draws people in. Now imagine when YOUR current followers in your own Facebook see you begin to broadcast live – they’ll be able to watch and listen to you!)

Here are some ways for YOU to draw people in to your world and listen to your message:

  1. The first live video could simply be about the fact that this is your first one. You’ll be the most transparent and authentic you’ll ever be because you’re a “video virgin.” Make it short, to the point, and always end with a call-to-action so your audience will want to see the next one. Capture as many of them as you can by giving an easy way to subscribe to your newsletter (always be building that list).
  2. Do you network or attend conferences or other live events? Why not whip out that phone and do a quick live video to share where you’re at and what you’re doing?
  3. Still having fun at that live event? Well, especially if it’s about business, why not interview another biz owner and ask one question that they can quickly answer?
  4. Speaking of interviews… Robert Scoble makes his living discovering new tech and new tech experts and interviews them on video. Of course, he’s been one of the first to use live video in Facebook (just like Mari Smith). His interviews are longer because he asks a lot of questions of a featured tech inventor and ends up educating his audience about that new technology. He’s an early adopter and features fascinating technology.Why not do this yourself? Interview your employees. Interview your customers. Written customer reviews are quite powerful and in fact, 90% of people trust peer reviews, but imagine getting a live video review from your customers and broadcasting to your audience. How powerful is THAT? I predict Yelp and Google will do this soon.
  5. Do you sell products, food, drinks? Show how you create these. Or if you own an online store, show the caring packaging process that each product undergoes.
  6. Do a live broadcast with how-to tips. You’re the expert. Share your knowledge, help others, grow your business without having to do any selling. The fact that you’re sharing your knowledge is credible in itself.
  7. Belong to some Facebook Groups? You can broadcast live video in the group! Yes! Read more ideas on Facebook’s blog.

People comment 10 times more on live videos than on regular videos. So, what are we waiting for? I will, if you will.

What ways will YOU use live video for marketing your business? Leave a comment below or Tweet me or meet me over on Facebook.