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Social Media Management Case Study

Social Media works when strategy is applied.

Over the past decade, our social media team has managed numerous campaigns that delivered mind-blowing interaction with millions of targeted people. Here is one of those case studies.

We are proud to have been part of the team that helped to educate and persuade thousands of Greeley and Evans, Colorado citizens about both the Mill Levy Override and, later, the School Bond. Both initiatives were sorely needed in our growing community. Our Founder, Lori Gama, directed both social media campaigns, including managing the advertising budgets and producing videos to tell the stories of the needs of the students and faculty.

The Mill Levy Override Ballot Initiative 3A (a property tax hike) had two prior attempts of being presented to voters in past years, with both attempts failing. Lori Gama was hired by Growing Great Schools’ citizens committee to assist with the final attempt to communicate the critical need for the MLO with Greeley-Evans citizens. Lori developed the social media strategy; ran the social media advertising campaigns; and produced an interactive social network website. She also produced a series of citizen videos with prominent/influential citizens of Greeley and Evans urging residents to vote yes on the MLO. The MLO passed with 59.21 yes votes.


The almost-billion dollar Bond was presented to voters just two years after being asked to pass the MLO. Lori assisted the Growing Great Schools committee by providing social media strategy; running the social media campaigns; and by producing, writing, directing, editing two videos that conveyed the overwhelming need for the Bond to pass. These videos focused on Greeley West High School and Christa McAuliffe STEM school. With the social media advertising budget, these videos sparked hundreds of conversations on the Facebook page and received thousands of shares. The $395 million bond measure 4C successfully passed with a 54.54% vote in favor of it.

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