Tweet a Legacy

Why it’s important to set up a legacy twitter feed for your immediate family
I lost my father when I was 13 years old and if Twitter had existed then and if he had used it for the purpose of sharing his thoughts, hopes and wishes for his three daughters and wife, oh what a priceless gift he could have left us.  To Tweet a Legacy means to write your thoughts, hopes, wishes and dreams for your children and spouse. Why not do it with Twitter?  I always say “Twitter is what you make it” – just like life.
Tweeting a legacy can be fun and satisfying. Post photos of special and not-so-special moments in your life along with short explanations so your loved ones can get more value and meaning out of what you’ve posted. If you don’t want to use Twitter, you can try Whrrl (no longer exists), which is a great story-telling tool.

Examples of tweetable moments about your family:
“Today, Jack began kindergarten. If only he could hold onto his innocent view of the world just 1 more day. School will jade him.That’s life.”

“Just got back from camping w/ family. Skinned knees, caught fish, burned marshmallows, built a fire & many memories. So sweet.”

Get it? Mix in some photos and videos that you can link to. You can keep your Twitter Legacy profile private and allow only whom you want to allow. But, of course, keep in mind, like with all the social media marketing websites online these days: you don’t own your profiles. Twitter and Facebook and the rest can always take down your profile if it thinks you’ve violated one of their rules, so do keep that in mind.  You can always “screen capture” your tweets and save in a power point presentation on your computer and keep it backed up and a spare copy on a USB so you never lose your priceless treasure.