Website Approval Form

It’s been great working with you on your website! We’re still here in case you need us. Please read below.

By clicking “I approve” and upon form submission, you are agreeing to the following: that your website and all of its features, is approved for launching it to appear at your domain name.

You have reviewed your website and tested its forms and shopping cart (if you have one) and approve it to be launched. You understand you have 15 days after launching to report any omissions or errors or “bugs”.

You agree to have already purchased your SSL on your hosting company and they have installed it.

You understand that editing text, fixing typos or misspellings or grammatical errors or adding new text or photos or any other new work is considered Additional Work and not included in post-launch and will be invoiced at $125 per hour (unless you are named a pro bono client in our contract).

You are agreeing that your final payment and any other payments you have made will not be disputed and are considered the final payments. You agree there are no refunds. 

You agree that you have taken care of your email to be hosted at a separate hosting company and, therefore, we will only be changing the DNS record (Domain Name Server) record and NOT the MX record (controls email) in order to make your new website appear in place of old one.

If you have any questions, please call Lori Gama, our company founder, at 970-302-6994 to get more information right now. Or fill out our contact form. Thanks!


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