What’s Going To Be Different With Your Marketing In 2023?

What's going to be different with your marketing in 2023?

What’s going to be different with your marketing in 2023? Do you want more customers calling? More sales? More visibility? Many marketing agencies sign you on and forget about you. We actually do the work to grow your visibility with SEO; social media; and pay-per-click ads.

This past year, you might have gotten that new, good-looking website that you were told would increase your business. But then you found out that you actually need to have SEO in order to get found on Google by your prospective customers. Yes: your marketing strategy should include SEO: Search Engine Optimization. Many business owners think that by getting a new website up that business would automatically increase. But that’s not the case. In fact, you may have lost money investing in the wrong things or the wrong choice of marketing agencies. Here’s my advice to get your family-owned company growing in 2023 and beyond.

What’s Going To Be Different With Your Marketing In 2023?

Strategy and a plan. Blueprints. A road map. A checklist. You’re a smart business owner. You plan ahead and have goals. Your team has strategic initiatives to carry out. You have standard operating procedures. Your marketing needs to have the same important components if you’re going to grow in 2023. A written list of goals that are communicated to your team and reviewed every month is a great start.

Ain’t got no time for this, says every business owner sometimes. You’ve got enough to do with operations of your business; coaching and developing your team; ensuring quality and excellent customer service. Not to mention the thinking and planning it takes for growth. When are you going to have time to learn how to do your own SEO? It’s taken me 25 years and I’m still learning. Google wants to present the most valuable search results to its searchers. That’s why Google continually releases new algorithms and new filters with funny nicknames like The Penguin Update or the Helpful Content Update. You don’t have time to learn SEO.

It’s Who Not How

It’s Who Not How. Find a highly experienced marketing agency (preferably a local one) that continually gets their clients proven results. Make sure that marketing agency has plenty of 5-star reviews.  Don’t try to do your own marketing. Don’t make someone else on your team do your marketing. Unless that person specializes in marketing and has years of experience and an outstanding track record: don’t make them do it.

“When you want to accomplish something, stop asking, ‘How can I do this?'” Legendary entrepreneur coach Dan Sullivan teaches you to ask instead, ‘Who can do this for me?'” – https://whonothow.com/

Retire that old website if it’s three years old or older. For every one year In Real Life, seven years has gone by in the digital world. Your competitors have kept up their virtual storefronts in order to make an excellent first impression. Your customers deserve to engage with a website that’s easy to use; gets to the point; offers solutions to their problems; and makes it easy to contact you. Yep: don’t play hide and seek with your phone number and address. You don’t like that when you visit a website, right?

An invisible website will not grow your revenue.

Make SEO not only a part of your marketing strategy but make it THE marketing strategy. Here’s what I mean: SEO is SO important that if you’re not doing it right, don’t bother being in business. It’s almost the same thing as setting up a physical store on a desert island instead of in the busy section of town and expecting people to find you. An invisible website will not grow your revenue.

Okay, by now you get my point. What’s going to be different with your marketing in 2023 is that you’re going to carefully research to find the best marketing agency that specializes in SEO. And then you’re going to meet in person and interview them. Then you’ll know whether or not to invest in their fees.

Investing in SEO Grows the Value of Your Company

One more thing to remember: when you invest in marketing, you’re actually growing the value of your company. Whether you plan on passing it on to the next generation or selling it some day, your company will be literally a million times more valuable with huge visibility in Google than if you don’t have that.

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About the Author: Lori Gama

Lori Gama

Lori Gama is a digital marketing pioneer who founded her company: DaGama Web Studio (now called: DaGama Digital Marketing Agency) in 1995. Growing from a one-woman web studio to a 14-person digital marketing team that manages SEO, social media and Google ads for locally-owned businesses, Lori Gama innovates and increases growth for her clients, some of whom have been with her from 8 years to 27 years. Located in Greeley, Colorado, serving companies across the U.S., this Greeley marketing company gets results quickly; communicates with clients regularly and evolves marketing strategies to stay ahead of the curve.