Twitter, Lisa Simpson and the Petri Dish Population

Twitter Lisa Simpson and the Petri Dish Population

Twitter is reminding me of The Simpsons episode in which Lisa creates, cultivates, and becomes a goddess to a population of tiny people. (Bear with me, here, it does get better). You have to know a bit about Twitter to appreciate this comparison. For those of you who need a crash course, go read this. […]

Top 10 Online Visibility Tips

Top 10 Online Visibility Tips

    If you’re frustrated because you’ve invested a good chunk of money into your website but your brand is invisible online and your customers can’t find you, today’s newsletter is just for you. I have included links to the blog posts I’ve written regarding these topics, so you can read more valuable visibility tips. When you start […]

What Is Social Capital and How Do You Measure Yours?

Social Capital has many definitions. Don’t get it mixed up with what makes up your Online Reputation (the search results people see when they Google your name), although that IS part of your Social Capital. For the purpose of marketing your business, social capital is made up of the VALUE of your SOCIAL NETWORKS and […]

Study Finds 98 Per Cent of Young Americans Use Social Media Monthly

A study done recently by Experian/Simmons found that 98 per cent of people aged 18-24 years old use social media on a monthly basis and 82 per cent of people aged 55-64 years old also use it. Facebook continues to dominate as the place most Americans go to on a regular basis, with 58 per […]

Customize Your Twitter Background

Customize Your Twitter Background

Did you know you can control the background image in your Twitter profile? Be sure you take advantage of this because you can use that area to add more information about yourself, such as your logo; your social network icons; your phone number and website address or use it like I did recently: I added […]

Get Started In Google Plus

Google+ is an evolution of some of the best features and qualities of the most popular and useful social networks to-date. For instance, Google realized that filtering our friends, fans and followers is a tool that’s very much needed but not successfully provided by other social networks such as Facebook and Twitter. That’s what Google+’s […]

Google+ For Beginners: Fill Out Your About Section Now

Heard a lot about Google+ yet in your part of the universe? In its first two weeks and in a BETA-only state of being (invitation-only, too!) it’s gained 10 million users. Quite impressive when you compare it to Facebook’s first YEAR of growth, which was 5.5 million users in one YEAR. Granted, way back then, […]

Top 3 Reasons To Tweet in Twitter Chats

Twitter chats are a powerful way to make new friends, gain more followers, educate yourself, be helpful to others and increase your revenue, when you find the right people to work with or hire to help you reach your goals.

Top 10 Most Powerful Twitter Tips for Brand New Beginners

Congratulations for entering the world of Twitter!

These tips will help you, the brand new user of Twitter, to more quickly succeed in growing your business. My top 10 tips are a mixture of Twitter “how-to” steps and strategy. You’ll learn the basic (and I mean BASIC) steps of how to customize your profile settings, such as your photo and bio, but you’ll also learn what you should be doing in order to attract followers who become your fans and refer you to others. Once you build trust, you can build relationships. Once you build relationships with people in Twitter, your business will naturally grow.

Dear ABC News, here’s why people involved in Social Networking are NOT sick of it

This blog post is my response to people, and in particular, “mainstream” media, who don’t seem to understand the underlying meaning of why we are participating in Social Networking. In particular, media, like ABC News, who, as of today, April 2, 2009, are soliciting comments from people who are “sick” of being involved in Social […]

Why Some People Don’t Understand Social Networking

Here’s how simple Social Networking is:
If you’ve attended “real life” networking events; fundraisers; cocktail parties; wine tastings; or any other SOCIAL gatherings: and if you possess basic “social” skills, then you already know how to successfully participate in online Social Networking.

The New Renaissance is here and it’s called Web 2.0

The new Renaissance is upon us–only this time around, it’s called “Web 2.0” or “Social Networking.” Just like the 14th-17th century Renaissance, in which that era’s artists, scientists, writers, thinkers and inventors exploded with revolutionary art, science, words, thought, and inventions, so it is today, in the 21st century, that the Web is exploding with the spirit of communication, creation and collaboration.