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Your online reputation is your reputation.

What do people find when they Google your name? Positive, negative or nothing? Future customers research you before they do business with you. Find Out About Our Online Reputation Management Service…
Online Reputation

Do you have negative reviews?

Did you recently discover information about yourself or your company that’s negative and could end up harming your online reputation? Managing your Online Reputation is a challenging and time-consuming task to do by yourself. That’s why we offer an Online Reputation Management service to people who want to build up positive search results and manage reviews about themselves.

You need social media monitoring, PR, negative-content-filtering, negative content-removal, social media profiles set up and managed, blog posts written and shared and many other things that are necessary in order to build a solid good Online Reputation.

Managing your reviews is another system we put in place for you and manage. We can teach you and your team how to manage this or we can do it for you. A one-star increase in your ratings can actually increase monthly revenue by about 5% – 9%. Think of what the opposite of that can do. Give us a call.

You’ll be kept informed on progress with Online Reputation Management reports. Plus, you can always search for your name in Google and Bing and see for yourself.

Business Grew by 75%

Zach McPhee, Co-owner of Summit Roofing Solutions, LLC gives a video testimonial about our digital marketing services. 

“Helped us grow our business by 75% since we were in business before without her.”

-Zach McPhee
Summit Roofing Solutions, LLC

What Our Customers Have to Say

I have been in business for over 47 years as an attorney. I have used Yellow Pages, Avvo, Findlaw, YP Connect and other large companies to market my law office on line. I have spent a lot of money on these companies and the results have been minimal. I began working with Lori Gama of DaGama Web Studio two years ago and I saw substantial results immediately. I track new client referrals and the number of referrals I get from Google as a result of Lori’s work have increased my revenue by 50%. We meet once a month were I am provided a concise tracking report that clearly shows how her hard work has resulted in my website being found in the top spots for many different search results. I would highly recommend Dagama Web Studios and I sincerely wish that I had found them sooner!


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