Case Studies: I’m looking for biz owners to include in my e-book, who’ve monetized Twitter

Are you a business owner who has successfully monetized Twitter? I would love to hear from you. There’s just one catch: you can’t be in the Social Media Marketing industry. I want to show people that they can grow their network and increase their revenue through Twitter—even if they are not a Social Media professional.

Please send me a DM or fill out my contact form on my blog and tell me who you are; what you do; and how Twitter has grown your business. You might be included in my e-book that I’m writing, which will debut September 1, 2009.

If you’ve been on Twitter for a while and still can’t figure out a way to use Twitter to grow your business, here’s a tip right now that can potentially jumpstart you:  Pick 5 people in Twitter who are within driving distance of you and whom you’ve been wanting to get to know better, for one reason or another. Call each one and meet for coffee. After you’ve met and talked for a bit (establish that rapport), start a brainstorming session about how you can each help each other grow your business.  Describe what a good lead is for you and listen and take note of your friend’s description of a good lead.

Make it a point to hunt down a lead for each person, if at all possible. At the very least, find a helpful blog to refer them to or recommend a good book that helped you grow your business. Your friend will leave wanting to help you, too.

Hint: instead of meeting one at a time, you could meet all five at the same time and have a coffee TweetUp (a play on the word “MeetUp” as in a website in which you can meet groups of people interested in topics you’re interested in.) Five brains are better than one. Please tweet me if you took my advice. I’d love to share with my community of Twitter followers.

No matter what: I’d love to hear from you: tweet me (@LoriGama) or please leave a comment here. Thank you.