How To Assign Or Change a Page Owner On Facebook

how to assign or change a page owner on Facebook

You’re a business owner and your time is precious. Managing your digital assets efficiently is crucial. But it can sometimes be quite frustrating finding the answer to your problem. Understanding how to assign or change a Page Owner on Facebook is critical for maintaining control and transparency of your business’s online presence.  Or maybe you sold your business and the new owner needs access. This quick guide provides you with straightforward steps to navigate Facebook’s settings, ensuring that you can easily assign or change a Page Owner without hassle. Whether you’re assigning a Business Manager or claiming a page with a disclaimer, this guide simplifies the process, allowing you to focus more on your business operations.

How To Assign Or Change a Page Owner On Facebook

First make sure you have the following:
You need full control access to the Facebook Page.
You must be an admin of the Business Manager if assigning it as the Page Owner.
To claim a page with a disclaimer, you must be the creator of the disclaimer.

Steps to Assign or Change a Page Owner:

Log into your Facebook account and click on your profile photo in the top right corner.
Select the Page you wish to manage.
Again, click the Page photo at the top right.
Navigate to “Settings & Privacy,” then to “Settings.”
In the left menu, choose “Page Setup.”
Next to “Issue, Electoral or Political Ads,” click “View.”
Click “Manage” below “Claim this page.”
Choose a verified organization to take responsibility for the Page and click “Assign.”

Please Note:

The option to assign a Page Owner may not be available to all. Specifically, Pages with over 5,000 U.S. followers or those that run political ads might have “Page Transparency” settings instead.


If you only have task access to a Page, you won’t be able to assign ownership or disclaimers.
This streamlined process should help you quickly and efficiently manage your Facebook Page ownership, freeing up more time for your other business activities.

Keep Up With Facebook’s Updates 

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