SEO Tune-Up Checklist

seo tune-up checklist

In the infinite landscape of digital marketing, SEO stands as the cornerstone of online success. With a career spanning 29 years owning DaGama Digital Marketing Agency, I’ve continually witnessed the evolution of SEO firsthand. I’ve developed SEO strategies that withstand Google’s changing algorithmns. This is not just a theoretical benefit; it’s a practical reality for […]

Social Media in 6 Steps

Social media in 6 steps

(This blog post is a transcript of my YouTube Podcast episode: Social Media in 6 Steps). Welcome, local business owners. I’m Lori Gama, and in this video, we’re going to go over the who, what, where, why, and how of social media marketing. Let’s stop the frustration. Social Media in 6 Steps: First of all, […]

Lori Gama interviews Greeley Lifestyle Magazine Publisher Tara Rasmuson

Lori Gama interviews Greeley Lifestyle Magazine Publisher Tara Rasmuson

Lori Gama interviews Greeley Lifestyle Magazine Publisher Tara Rasmuson on The Path Finder’s Podcast with Lori Gama. Find out how Tara Rasmuson’s business career progressed from the Oil and Gas industry into the publishing industry. Tara shares intriguing insights into what makes Greeley tick. Find out why Greeley is a great community and very generous […]

How To Choose a Digital Marketing Agency

Thankfully, another small business owner called me with hopefulness in his voice: “Lori, we’d like to see if we can meet to go over how you can help us.” “We’ve been working with [X marketing company] for a year now but haven’t gotten any results,” the VP said. We scheduled our meeting and in the meantime, […]

SEO Fort Collins

SEO Fort Collins

DaGama Digital Marketing Agency has been providing SEO services for clients in Fort Collins, Colorado and many other places for 25 years. My team and I specialize in managed SEO services for local companies and national companies.The type of SEO Fort Collins business owners need is called Local SEO. Local SEO Strategy Increases Your Company’s […]

How Often Americans Use Social Media Sites

how often Americans use social media sites

Updated July 22, 2023: Here’s how often Americans use social media sites, according to data from Backlinko: “According to platform statements, the number of social media users in the US is 240 million in 2020, meaning 72.3% of Americans are actively using sites monthly. The most popular platforms in the United States are YouTube at […]

Colorado SEO Expert

colorado seo expert Lori Gama

Are you searching for a Colorado SEO Expert to manage your SEO?  I’m Lori Gama: getting top results for biz owners for 25 years. Call: 970-302-6994. Read my blog post below for some helpful SEO tips. Apply these tips as you search for the right Search Engine Optimization expert in Colorado (or anywhere). This SEO […]

Google My Business Tips

Google My Business Tips

These Google My Business Tips are simple, quick tips you can implement on your own. You might be wondering: “why do I have to have a Google My Business Page?” (Sidenote: in 2022, Google change the name to be: Google Business Profile). Here’s a common scenario: Consumer “Sally” is new to your city (or she’s […]

Fort Collins SEO

Fort Collins SEO

Just like you found us, we’ll work our SEO magic so we can get YOU found, too. You need Fort Collins SEO strategy and we can help. Call: 970-302-6994 now to speak with me, the company founder, Lori Gama. Are you searching for a Fort Collins SEO agency to help your business get found in […]

How To Choose An SEO Agency or SEO Expert

how to choose an seo agency or seo expert

Choosing an SEO AGENCY or SEO Expert to the do the important work of search engine optimization of your website can be a much easier process when you empower yourself with a little knowledge. This checklist gives you that power and saves you time and money. How To Choose An SEO Agency or SEO Expert First: […]

7 Steps: Choose The Best Digital Marketing Agency

7 steps: choose the best digital marketing agency

Are you exhausted in your search for the best digital marketing agency? We get it. That’s why we wrote this blog post and we’re grateful you found us. You need to elevate your business with an effective digital marketing strategy that gets your phone ringing a lot more. It is imperative that you select the […]

The Ultimate Guide to Finding the Right SEO Agency for Your Business

The Ultimate Guide to Finding the Right SEO Agency for Your Business

Are you a Colorado business owner looking for the right SEO agency to help you grow your online presence? With so many agencies claiming to be experts in SEO, it can be overwhelming to decide which one to choose. As a highly skilled SEO expert with over 25 years of experience, I’m here to guide […]