How To Set Up Bing Places for Business

How To Set Up Bing Places for Business

Here’s How To Set Up Bing Places for Business:

  1. You can either download the BingPlaces app and try to set up on your phone or do the desktop way.
  2. Instructions for desktop: Go here:
  3. Choose “Existing User” (if you’re not sure if you have a Bing Places for Business account). If it looks like you are not already an existing user, please start over and choose “New User” then go through the steps to verify.

How Do I Add a Manager of My Bing Places for Business?

1. After you have a profile and can login to your dashboard: near the top, with a hunter green colored background, there is a message that says:
Click here to allow another person to manage your Bing Places business listing on your behalf.
​It’s hard to see. I didn’t notice it right away. See here:
bing places for business
After you’ve set up your Bing places for business, you’ll see a notice at the top (same area as the manage users message), letting you know  “Your listing updates are being reviewed and will go live by (whatever date). View your currently published listing here.”

When I set this up, the date was December 10, 2020. Eight days is a long time for their reviewing process but perhaps they do this manually and have COVID-19-related issues with having enough employees.

Bing Webmaster Tools

Be sure to register your website with Bing Webmaster Tools.

If you’re the owner of your business, you should delegate this task to your webmaster or marketing agency. Why? There are several ways to verify your site with Bing webmaster tools. You could use your Google Search Console, if your site is already verified there, for example.
To verify manually, there’s a XML file you have to upload to your host server where your website files sit, for another example.
But if you’re not familiar with this task, you might get frustrated and/or waste time better spent operating your business.
If you choose to do this yourself, there are two other ways to verify your site with Bing, other than uploading Bing’s xml file. You could choose to add a meta tag (provided by Bing) to your host server. Or you could verify manually by using the CNAME record of your domain.
How To Set Up Bing Places for Business

Sounding a little too complicated? Call your webmaster or whomever takes care of things like this.

Here at our Digital Marketing Agency, we set this up for our clients (contact us for help with this and all your digital marketing). Bing is the 2nd largest search engine in the world (some would argue that YouTube is the 2nd most popular “search engine” but I don’t count YouTube as a search engine. It’s extremely important to have your business video channel and upload effective videos that are SEO’d, however, technically, Bing is a search engine. It doesn’t have nearly as large a share of the search market as Google does but Bing can help with your visibility a LOT. Plus, it’s another high authority backlink.)

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