Facebook Business Page Strategy

Why not record a video in which you welcome new folks who stop by your Facebook Business Page? This Facebook Business Page Strategy is one that I haven’t seen done yet.

I had thought of this idea for a client and figured I’d better walk my talk so I created a Facebook Welcome Video for our DaGama Web Studio – SEO – Social Media Marketing Facebook. You can watch it below or click this link to go view it there.

Facebook Business Page Strategy

Facebook Business Page Strategy After you make your welcome video for Facebook, pin it to the top of your Facebook Timeline and then run a strategic Likes campaign, targeting ideal customers. As you grow your Facebook tribe, be sure you nurture your community of fans by liking and responding to their comments in a timely manner. Don’t pitch to them. Instead: love them. You want to build relationships with your fans. After all, they’ve taken the first step in this marketing and business relationship: they’ve stopped by your page and given it a Like. They’re giving you an opportunity to serve them. So serve them with helpful information and the social proof that you are the right fit for them.

Facebook Business Page Strategy The strategy here is that you’re giving people a taste of you, the owner of the business, and your team, too, if you have employees. And you’re giving them a reason or two or three to come back daily. In my case, I will be giving daily strategy tips for a variety of digital marketing topics, including Facebook, Facebook Live Video, Facebook Advertsing, SEO, Twitter, Web Design, Pinterest, etc. I am also sharing glimpses of my personal life so people can get a feel for who I am and what’s important to me.

The Creative Work of Making Your First Facebook Video

When I finally made up my mind to create my Facebook Welcome Video, it took me a while to pull everything together. I could have just simply taken out my phone and done a Facebook Live Video but, you know, I’d rather plan it out a bit… so I:

  • Updated my Camtasia program, then $100 or so bucks and 4 hours later, found out that Camtasia’s not so good at face-to-camera video (unless it’s where you place yourself in the lower right corner of the screen), so then I…
  • By the way, I had already invested in my Blue Yeti Microphone because I’m creating my first online course and need a really good mic for that.
  • I did the recording with my Logitec webcam. But again, I ran into some technical difficulties and another hour and a few takes later, it was time to stop and go make dinner for the fam.
  • I came back to my little welcome video the next day (after fixing my hair and make-up and changing my blouse twice until these chunky arms were no longer on camera) and knew I would be using my phone to record the video by now. After I figured out the best light and best non-distracting background, I finally recorded my video… on my phone.
  • I ended up using my phone and then importing the media into Camtasia to add titles, add music, adjust the sound and add a couple of screenshots in.
  • Even though it turned out to be more challenging than I anticipated, (and I like to think of myself as somewhat of a tech-lover), I didn’t give up.  That’s why I wrote this blog post about it: to encourage you to do this and to not give up. No matter how many challenges come up – that just means you’re getting smarter and more experienced. Soon you’ll be quite a good filmmaker and who knows? You could end up loving it and using video to share stories of your every day challenges and solutions and inspiring others.

I hope this has inspired YOU to start using video to tell the story of your company. Share the work, show the people you help, showcase your employees and share moments from your life.

Consumers want to bond with companies.

–2010 RightNow Customer Experience Impact report, which revealed that 9 in 10 Americans are willing to spend more with companies they believe provide excellent customer service. (Source).

Before any money exchanges hands, your future customers need to know they’ll be in good hands, nurtured, cared for and results will be attained. Video is an excellent Facebook Business Strategy, as well as for all your digital marketing. When you offer the proof of this to them with video, the documentation speaks for itself.

I challenge you to think of ways you can share your expertise, your results, your customers’ stories about your services and how you’ve helped your customers – and share your stories by using video.

Video is the next step in the evolution of the world. After that, it’ll be Virtual Reality and we’ll be immersed into each other’s “worlds” and experiences.

I’ll save that topic for another day.

Here’s an example of a post in which I’m sharing a glimpse of my daily life with my Facebook Business Page tribe: