Why Some People Don’t Understand Social Networking

Twitter has 11 million registered users and attracted 7 million unique visitors in February, which represents a stunning 1,382 percent growth since last year. Market research company Nielsen Online says Twitter grew by 1,689% from February 2008 to February 2009.

That means there are now more than 1.78 million people signed on. This time last year the social networking site only had 100,000 members. The same figures, however, show Facebook is still far and away the leading social networking site, with 17.8 million users and steady, strong growth of 114%.http://bit.ly/rlcEg

Some people don’t understand Social Networking and I think I might know why.   They just don’t know yet how simple it is.

Here’s how simple Social Networking is:

If you’ve attended “real life” networking events;  fundraisers; cocktail parties; wine tastings; or any other SOCIAL gatherings: and if you possess basic “social” skills, then you already know how to successfully participate in online Social Networking.

When most of your friends and family are communicating and staying connected through these tools, and especially when your potential clients are participating, shouldn’t you think about jumping into the water and swimming around with us? Or at least dipping your toes?

People who do show up and “swim around,” socializing, are usually the ones who are more successful in business because they join in on conversations; provide resources to colleagues; refer professionals; educate each other on useful topics and recommend the best places to eat. 

Actions of successful Social Networkers are the same actions of successful business people in “real life”
These types of actions are exactly what’s happening every day in Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and many other Social Networking Web sites. We’re all here sharing our thoughts and resources with each other.  We’re cheering each other on; sympathizing; teaching; sometimes even singing (you can link to music),  promoting each other (in Twitter, it’s called “retweeting”) and, now and then promoting our own businesses  (but not all the time, because that would be selfish). Talk about Love thy neighbor! We got it going on here in Twitter land. Come join us. Leave a comment here, with your twitter profile link, and tell me and my readers how Twitter has benefited your life and/or your company or non-profit.

Here’s my Twitter link: http://twitter.com/LoriGama

P.S. A much deeper meaning exists about what Twitter is really doing. I didn’t want to blow your minds yet, especially if you’re new to Social Networking. Are you ready? Okay, here it is: Twitter is E-volving us as a human race. We’re plugging into a matrix of minds for the first time in the history and herstory of humanity. Pretty deep, eh? Stay tuned for my next blog post: Twitter is E-volving us as a human race and here’s why.